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Second hydrogenation workshop to carry out process card training professional ability to catch up




On August 25, the second hydrogenation workshop used the auxiliary shift time to train the workshop staff in the external operation room on the new version of the device process card system.
According to the latest requirements of the production and operation department on the setting of the process card range, the operation range of process equipment parameters has been adjusted on the process card countersigned in this new version, reducing the range to high alarm value and low alarm value, providing buffer time for the treatment of abnormal situations, and effectively preventing the parameters from reaching the interlock value and causing fluctuations for the smooth production of the device.
In this training, the adjusted range of some parameters was explained in detail to the employees one by one, reiterating the importance of process cards to safe production, providing reference for the actual operation of workshop employees, ensuring the normal operation of device parameters within the safe range, and laying a good foundation for the safe operation of the device.

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