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Inheritance is the best memorial




Our best memorial to Yuan Longping and his grandfather is to learn from his noble quality of loving the party, the motherland and the people, to take the needs of the motherland and the people as his own responsibility, to contribute to the motherland and the people as his goal, to cultivate the fields all his life, and to write scientific and technological papers on the land of the motherland in a down-to-earth manner. He made a major contribution to world food development.
"Man is like a seed, to be a good seed." Yuan Longping changed the world with a seed, and he himself is a remarkable seed. "The dream of enjoying the cool under the grain" and "the dream of hybrid rice covering the whole world", Yuan Longping spent his whole life pursuing, struggling and cultivating, and bearing rich fruits in his most beloved and familiar fields. The research, application and promotion of hybrid rice technology has become the ambition of Yuan Longping's life. Today, people's endless nostalgia and endless grief are precisely because he has devoted his whole life to keeping 1.4 billion Chinese people and even the people of the world away from hunger. Yuan Longping's rice production technology has fed many more people, which is difficult to count. Yuan Longping, who keeps the Chinese away from hunger and helps the Chinese "hold their rice bowls", deserves the gratitude and memory of generations of Chinese people forever.
Inheritance is the best memorial. Yuan Longping with the seeds of the dream to the distance, countless seeds of the dream to take root. In the sea of flowers that bid farewell to Yuan Longping, people wrote down their heartfelt words, not only expressing their deep memory, but also placing their aspirations to learn and inherit. "Work hard like Grandpa Yuan, make a small gear, and finish your job." "If you have a little heat, you will split the light and illuminate others with your own tiny light." "Be a good seed like Yuan Longping".

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