Zhang Fang, member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Sinochem Holding Co., Ltd., and his party visited Xinhai Holding Group



On July 12, Zhang Fang, member of the party group, deputy general manager and chief technology officer of Sinochem Holding Co., Ltd., Chen Ruifeng, deputy director of the strategy and investment department, Yang Liangliang, Gu Wei and Liu Fang, experts of the strategy and investment department, visited Xinhai Holding Group. Liu Fulu, president of Xinhai Holding Group, Teng Yongsheng, financial director, Hu Jingang, Xiao Ligang and other company leaders received and accompanied them.
Deputy General Manager Zhang Fang and his entourage first visited the science and technology exhibition hall and listened carefully to the introduction of the enterprise's production and operation and strategic planning. In the central control center, they focused on the operation control system of the production equipment. In the intelligent center, they fully understood the management experience and practices of Xinhai intelligent operation system. Finally, the two sides held a discussion in the conference room on the third floor.
President Liu Fulu welcomed the arrival of Zhang Fang, deputy general manager of Sinochem Holdings Co., Ltd., and his party. Zhang Fang, deputy general manager, introduced the development of Sinochem Holdings Co., Ltd. in detail, carefully understood the development of Xinhai enterprises, and spoke highly of Xinhai in eliminating backward production capacity and speeding up industrial upgrading.
In a frank and pragmatic atmosphere, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on process routes, product sales, and raw material transportation, laying a solid foundation for continued in-depth exchanges between the two parties in the future.

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