Hu Qisheng, vice governor of Hebei Province, and his party went to Xinhai Holding Group for investigation



On July 8, Hu Qisheng, vice governor of Hebei Province, and his entourage went to Xinhai holding Group for investigation. Xu Aichao, full-time deputy director of the Provincial Coastal Office, Zhou Kui, second-class inspector of the General Office of the Provincial Government, Hao Lixiao, member of the standing Committee of the Cangzhou Municipal CPC Committee, executive vice mayor of the municipal government, and Chunjun, Secretary of the Party work Committee and Director of Cangzhou Bohai New area, li Huafeng, Secretary of Huanghua Municipal Party Committee, Liu Zhaozhong, Member of Cangzhou Bohai New Area Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of Management Committee, and Yu Zengzhou, Deputy Director of Cangzhou Bohai New Area Management Committee, accompanied the reception. Zhan Guohai, Chairman of Xinhai Holding Group, Liu Fulu, President, and Hu Jingang, Deputy General Manager, gave warm reception.
Vice Governor Hu Qisheng first watched the corporate promotional video in the science and technology exhibition hall, listened carefully to the basic situation of the company, carefully inquired about the production and operation of the company, and coordinated on-site to solve the existing difficulties and problems.
Vice Governor Hu Qisheng fully affirmed the new achievements and new experiences achieved in the development of Xinhai Holding Group. He pointed out that Xinhai Holding Group actively responded to national policies, grasped the new development stage, implemented the new development concept, built a new development pattern, and achieved new results in promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.
In view of the next step of work, Vice Governor Hu Qisheng stressed that Xinhai holding Group should seize the opportunity, tap its potential, make full use of its own advantages, drive development with innovation, strive to expand the scale of enterprises, and strive to create greater economic and social benefits.
Chairman Zhan Guohai extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Vice Governor Hu Qisheng and his entourage. He said that he will resolutely implement the various work arrangements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, seize the current new opportunities, develop the large-scale oil refining industry, and help enterprises better, better and faster Develop and promote the high-quality development of the local economy to a new level.

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