Ge Huibo, vice chairman of Hebei CPPCC, and his party went to Xinhai Holding Group for investigation



On June 22, GE Huibo, vice chairman of the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, and his entourage went to Xinhai holding Group for investigation. Song Youhong, chairman of the Cangzhou CPPCC, Li Huafeng, secretary of the party work committee and director of the management committee of Cangzhou Bohai New area, Li Huafeng, secretary of the Huanghua Municipal CPC Committee, Dong Lianxi, member of the party work committee of Cangzhou Bohai New area, and deputy director, and Huang Ruiqiang, and researcher, accompanied the investigation. Zhan Guohai, chairman of Xinhai Holding Group, and Hu Jingang, deputy general manager, received them.
Ge Huibo and his entourage first watched the corporate promotional film in the science and technology exhibition hall and listened to the relevant introduction of the company. Then they visited the central control center and the quality inspection center, and expressed their appreciation for Xinhai's safe production, stable operation, and high-quality development.
In the intelligent center, Ge Huibo and his party felt that Xinhai's efforts in intelligent production and intelligent integration were highly recognized.

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