Hebei Xinhai Holding Group Held Party History Learning and Education Report



On June 20th, Hebei Xinhai Holding Group held a party history study and education report at the conference center. Professor Shen Zhixue from the Party School of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China was specially invited to give a special lecture on the development of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Chairman Zhan Guohai and nearly 500 party members, cadres and employees attended the report meeting, and Wang Zhiquan, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, presided over the report meeting.
Professor Shen Zhixue, with the theme of "a century old party is young", comprehensively reviewed the brilliant achievements created by our party in the past 100 years and the struggle course of carrying out its original mission, and profoundly explained why Marxism works, why the Communist Party of China can, and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good. In the process of explanation, the classic expositions of great men and touching revolutionary heroic deeds are interspersed with red history as the background, leading everyone to recall the magnificent red past has aroused strong resonance.
Professor Shen Zhixue encouraged everyone to combine the actual situation of the enterprise, continuously draw nutrients from the magnificent development process of the Communist Party of China, enhance historical consciousness, maintain development determination, feel the party's favor, follow the party, practice the original intention, and assume the mission, and be in their respective positions. Add luster and splendor.
After the report meeting, Chairman Zhan Guohai put forward three new requirements in combination with the development of the enterprise: first, as a Communist Party member, under the leadership of the Xinhai Party Committee, strive to create a good atmosphere of learning party history, knowing party kindness, and following the party, and play a good vanguard and exemplary role in their respective posts. Second, it is not easy for enterprises to come to this day. We should cherish the good development environment created by the current enterprises, and guide the development of enterprises with ideals, beliefs and innovative thinking, so that enterprises can achieve stability and long-term development. Third, I hope that through this lecture, everyone will learn to think, learn to understand, learn beliefs, learn dialectical thinking, learn high morale, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.
This special study report meeting of the party class is another new height pushed by the party committee of the group since it launched the party history study and education activities, and it is also an important measure in a series of activities of the group company to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

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