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Parents are more important than everything.




Ask the world what is love? Different opinions, each has its own ideas. And I also have my own opinion on love. There is one kind of love that is more important than everything, and nothing is more than the kindness of parents.
There are many gnawing old people in contemporary young people. Take our side, for example, the most realistic. Parents because their children can live well, they work hard for a lifetime, save not to eat, not to spend, save every cent of hard-earned money. This kind of love does not ask for return, willingly. I became a father myself and gradually understood that it was not easy for my parents. When I was a child, my parents ran around for a living. What I remember most is that in the cold winter, my parents worked outside and came home. When my father and mother talked, my hands were so cold that they were all cracked, like the child's mouth. Although I didn't say it in front of me, I wrote my homework in my warm bedroom. I was fond of playing from time to time. I felt that learning was boring and playing was fun. Now think carefully about the scene at that time, do not regret that they did not study hard at that time, they created such good living conditions for us. They get up early and get dark every day, regardless of the severe cold and heat, just for us to be able to satisfy us when we use money. Throughout the world, parents work hard every day only for children to have a better way out. Sometimes I think about how my parents forced me to study at that time, and at least I can get some results. Thank my parents for creating everything, let me have everything now, and thank my parents for giving me life.
Parents are unforgettable. I hope I can do my best to do my filial piety for my parents in the future. Work hard, make money hard, and do not burden parents. One day I can take my parents to visit the world and enjoy the happiness of my family, which is also a goal of my future life. Since ancient times, there has been a classic inheritance of sheep kneeling and raven feeding. As a contemporary, we should understand the principle of filial piety first. Work hard and repay their parents' kindness with practical actions.

Finance Tian Jiaxing

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