Honesty and dedication innovation

The job of ordinary people.




Ordinary post, pay silently

In our enterprise, there are many ordinary people, but they have done many extraordinary things. They are hardworking and simple, and they silently contribute in ordinary positions; they are in auxiliary positions, but they bring beauty, peace and warmth to our work and life.
Security personnel, their eyes are fixed on the people coming and going, examining the cars and people coming and going; they pay close attention to the movement of the enterprise, and in the event of any threat to the safety of employees and the property of the enterprise, they will charge in the first place. They are vigilant, the cold wind in winter is biting, the high temperature in summer is exposed to the sun, they are on guard and patrol, and they are sent to and ushered in, just for the sake of two words, safety!
Cleaning workers, most of whom have been frost-dyed with green silk, work hard and complain in the most inconspicuous positions, let dust stain their cheeks and sweat sodden their clothes. They are serious and responsible for their work, keeping the environment in the area clean at all times, their clothes on duty, civilized and courteous, clean garbage and clean enterprise environment. One step in place, people walk clear. Always in the front line of environmental sanitation work, in order to bring a clean and beautiful to our enterprise.
The canteen staff got up early every day to prepare breakfast. Everyone was busy and coordinated with each other in an orderly way. Because of them, day and night service, painstaking efforts, spacious and sanitary canteen, will float out a variety of delicious food fragrance. Hot meals, full of true feelings and love, delicious food, exudes the taste of home.
Because of your enterprise vehicles in and out, parking in an orderly manner; Because of your enterprise's hygiene is exceptionally clean and neat; Because of your cadres and workers, they can feel harmonious and warm, and can eat clean and comfortable meals.
The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from logistics, and the normal life of employees cannot be separated from logistics. You take pains and contribute silently. Your work is ordinary, but in your ordinary work, you have made extraordinary achievements.

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