Thanksgiving Father Love Xinhai Holding Group Launching Father's Day Condolences



Father's love is the deepest love. In order to express the admiration and gratitude for the great father's love, and to establish a good cultural atmosphere of love, respect and filial piety for the elderly. The day before Father's Day on June 19, Xinhai Holding Group launched a Father's Day condolences activity. Sun Ruihong, deputy general manager of Xinhai Group, Liu Jie, chief executive, and Liu Jianwen, minister of human resources and strategic planning, visited more than 50 employees' families and sent them condolences and money.
Every time he went to a household, Mr. Sun had a cordial conversation with them and learned about the physical life of the employees' families. Warm words and concerned greetings brought the care of the enterprise and narrowed the distance between the enterprise and the employees.
For a long time, Xinhai Holding Group has always adhered to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, improved employee benefits, cared about employees' work and life in all directions, retained employees with sincerity and true feelings, and continued to create a warm and comfortable Xinhai home for employees.

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