Honesty and dedication innovation

Wang Zhiquan, deputy secretary of the party committee, led a team to visit and study on behalf of the party building enterprise in Cangzhou.




On May 20, Wang Zhiquan, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the supervisor, led a team, Liu Jianwen, minister of human resources and strategic planning, and relevant personnel to visit Dongsu Group and Cangxing Holdings.
Mr. Wang and his party first visited the Party Construction College of Dongsu Group, listened carefully to the brief introduction of Dongsu Group, systematically understood the development history, party history and various industries of Dongsu Group, stopped in front of the party construction exhibition board, highly appraised the experience and practice of Dongsu Group in party construction, came to Cangxing Holding Exhibition Hall, watched the enterprise propaganda film, and showed great interest in the overall layout of the exhibition hall. Mr. Wang said that this visit and study, it has played an important guiding role in the party building work of our enterprises. I hope everyone can find out the gap, learn from experience, and promote the party building of enterprises to a new level.

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