To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, Xinhai party Committee launched a party day activity with the theme of "inheriting the red gene and being Xinhai people of the times"



In order to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Party, we will carry out in-depth education on the history of the Party and inherit the red gene. On May 6, more than 50 party members and youth representatives of Xinhai Holding Group went to the patriotic education base-Dazhao Village Massacre Site Memorial Hall and Huanghua Martyrs Cemetery to carry out the "Inheriting the Red Gene to Be Xinhai People of the Times" theme party day activities.
In the Huanghua Martyrs Memorial Square in Dazhao Village, everyone stood in front of the Huanghua Martyrs statue, played the national anthem, paid attention to the ceremony, and expressed their infinite respect for the great motherland. The two flower baskets presented by the group's party committee were placed on both sides of the martyrs' statues. They were solemn and solemn. Everyone bowed three times to express their deep memory and admiration for the revolutionary martyrs.
"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, and abide by the party's constitution..." All party members solemnly swear under the bright red party flag to review the oath of joining the party. It is sonorous and forceful. The oath shows Xinhai people's firm determination to never forget their original intention and forge ahead.
After the oath ceremony, everyone visited the Dazhao Village Massacre Site Memorial Hall and listened carefully to the heroic deeds of Huanghua martyrs in their military career, devoted themselves to the revolution, and shed blood on the banks of the Bohai Bay. The 80-year-old curator told everyone about the great journey of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people to fight bloody and tenacious struggle to establish a new China in the era of war, and guide young people to cherish the current era of peace and learn the history of the party. Under the guidance of the party, take the long march of the new era.
Afterwards, everyone paid homage to the Huanghua Martyrs Cemetery and deeply cherished the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. Everyone's hearts were shocked again, and their thoughts were baptized and sublimated.
In the afternoon, I drove to visit the new rural construction of Maying and the new community construction of Maying, which made everyone shine and deeply felt the new atmosphere and new appearance of the new rural construction. The chairman of the board of directors fulfills the responsibility of social responsibility, returns to the society, devotes himself to the development and construction of his hometown, and benefits one party with practical actions, which shows the nostalgic feelings of local sage entrepreneurs.
In the Nandagang Wetland, everyone takes a cruise ship and boating in the lake. The flying Xinhai blue is particularly eye-catching, bringing every Xinhai person the passion and strength to start a business forever.
This party day activity gave everyone a special party lesson, allowing everyone to experience an unforgettable spiritual baptism in thought. Everyone said that we should take this party history study and education theme activity as an opportunity to plunge down, sink down, and take root, closely centering on the new requirements of "strict, detailed, solid and fast" style education, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and young people, based on their own duties, bravely shoulder the mission, go all out, make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Xinhai, and present the 100 anniversary of the party.

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