To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, Xinhai holding group held a commendation meeting for outstanding workers on may 1 and outstanding youth on may 4.



In order to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Party, on May 4, Xinhai Holding Group held the May 1 Outstanding Workers and May 4 Outstanding Youth Commendation Conference in the Conference Activity Center to commend advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the company's production and operation and project construction, and to encourage and call on all cadres and employees to carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, craftsmanship spirit and May 4th spirit, for the company's "synchronization of the world, leading China, to create intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises" vision and unremitting efforts.
Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu, Vice President Lu Liyong, Chief Financial Officer Teng Yongsheng, Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang, Xiao Ligang and other company leaders were seated on the rostrum. Cadres above the assistant level, representatives of Party members, representatives of Party activists and representatives of front-line employees attended the commendation meeting. Vice President Lu Liyong presided over the commendation meeting.
At the meeting, President Liu Fulu read out the "Decision on Commending Outstanding Workers and Outstanding Youth of May 4th in 2021" and put forward new requirements for the commended employees: everyone cherishes honor, makes persistent efforts, is determined to forge ahead, and makes further achievements. At the same time, I hope all the cadres and employees of the company will take the advanced as an example, learn from the advanced, catch up with the advanced and do the advanced. Make greater contributions to the company's high-quality development.
Chairman Zhan Guohai congratulated the outstanding employees who won the honor, extended holiday greetings to all the cadres and employees who worked hard on their posts, and put forward ardent hopes: First, we must carry forward the work spirit of "honesty and trustworthiness, love and dedication. We should treat our work with a serious attitude, work hard and strive for perfection, and strive for a bright future for ourselves and the development of the company. Second, we must learn new knowledge, master new skills, and strive to become high-quality workers in the new era. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of continuous learning and enhance learning, competitiveness and innovation. Do one line, love one line, drill one line, master the job operation skills and business knowledge, and contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of the company's leapfrog development. Third, we must be a good master and enhance our sense of personal responsibility. Always bear in mind the responsibility and mission, be a good master, strive to be a colorful person, and inject new vitality into the development of Xinhai.
Finally, the chairman put forward three requirements for young employees: one is to cultivate good morals and tie the "first button" of life; the second is to be diligent, eager to learn, take the initiative, and have the courage to take responsibility; the third is to pioneer and innovate for Xinhai High-quality development injects vitality.
Youth Xinhai, sailing far away. All Xinhai people should rise up and set sail, live up to their youth, forge the background of youth with the spirit of struggle, achieve "Xinhai of Youth", "country of Youth" and "nation of Youth" with "I of Youth". Under the leadership of Chairman Zhan Guohai as the core board of directors, they should love their posts and work hard, set first-class standards, manage carefully, take responsibility bravely, write a new chapter in development, and make unremitting efforts for the construction of Xinhai.

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