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Xinhai Holding Group to carry out major hazard safety management knowledge training




In order to effectively improve the company's safety management level and enhance employees' safety emergency response capabilities, experts from the China Chemical Safety Association conducted training on knowledge related to safety management of major hazards at the company's conference activity center on April 17.
Sun Jiangbo, an expert from the China Chemical Association, focused on the origin of major hazards and the knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, and interpreted the "Measures for the Safety Guarantee Responsibility System for Major Hazards in Hazardous Chemical Enterprises". The employees who participated in the training cherished this learning opportunity, listened carefully to lectures, took notes, absorbed professional knowledge, and had a deeper understanding of major hazards. At the same time, it also promoted the strengthening of the company's safety management responsibility for major hazards, it forms a joint force with the government-side early warning system and joint inspection mechanism to speed up the construction of a system of normal hidden danger investigation and safety risk prevention and control of major hazard sources, which provides a theoretical basis for further improving the safety management of major hazard sources.

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