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Training of middle-level cadres Lifting operations for special operations of chemical production units




In order to further strengthen the planning and management of hoisting operations, reduce the risks of hoisting operations, and ensure the safety of operators and goods, at 5: 40 p. m. on April 12, the safety and environmental protection department arranged special personnel to conduct special operation course training for middle-level cadres in the multimedia conference room on the sixth floor of the marketing center.
Through PPT, the lecturers showed the purpose and scope of hoisting operation, definition of graded risk analysis, safety management regulations, job responsibility requirements and operation management process. The training method is illustrated with pictures and texts, which makes everyone further clarify the importance of safe operation and the seriousness of the harm of illegal operation, and enhance everyone's safety awareness.
It is hoped that cadres and employees will pay full attention to the safety of hoisting operations in their minds, earnestly grasp the safety management regulations of hoisting operations, implement the requirements in actual operations, avoid accidents, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the device.

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