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All staff night training all staff anti-violation production is safer




At 5: 30 p. m. on April 13, the all-staff night training started on time in the conference activity center. this training mainly played the video "all-staff anti-violation production is safer.
The video shows everyone a correct understanding of the potential hazards of habitual violations. Through accident case analysis, employees are allowed to check their behaviors one by one, eliminating the confused and paralyzed ideas that save trouble and fear of trouble, and believe that accidents will not occur if they do not follow the rules and regulations, thus continuously strengthening the awareness of safety responsibility, restricting safety behaviors, comprehensively improving the quality of ideological and professional work, and eliminating personal habitual violations.
Through learning, the majority of employees must firmly establish the concept of "safety first, prevention first", and actively practice the activities of "everyone checking violations and everyone correcting violations", starting from self, actively learning anti-violation management methods, and strengthening Responsibility, develop a good habit of observing management, and be safe at all times, everything, and everywhere.

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