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Continuous Reorganization of Innovative Training Mode to Improve Training Effect




With the continuous expansion of the company's business, there are new requirements for product quality and output, and the calibration volume of continuous reforming workshops has also increased. In order to meet the company's new requirements, the continuous reorganization workshop organized employees to carry out calibration problem analysis and emergency treatment training on April 11.
The innovative training mode of the workshop is continuously reformed. Through the learning method of everyone as a lecturer, the key and difficult points in this calibration requirement are analyzed in depth, and each employee puts forward corresponding problems and solutions through his own post experience. While allowing other employees to be exposed to more job knowledge, it can also promote tacit understanding between different jobs.
This training method is not only the understanding and exploration of new knowledge, but also the review and consolidation of known knowledge, so that employees can expand themselves while learning new knowledge to achieve better training results.

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