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Sulfur workshop to carry out staff physical fitness test activities




In order to further strengthen staff physical fitness, improve fire safety awareness, enhance physical fitness, improve team cohesion. The sulfur workshop responded positively to the company's call and used the sub-shift time to carry out physical fitness tests for employees. On the morning of April 1, the workshop held the first round of physical fitness tests. All employees of Class 3 participated in the competition. The competition was divided into three parts: 50-meter sprint, 10 push-ups and wearing empty calls. Single timing was used in the process. Finally, the total personal score was added up to evaluate the personal ranking. The average scores of the four teams, the workshop will give (JI YU) excellent team-level individual awards.
At the event site, employees actively participated in the competition, and the atmosphere was warm and cheerful. The sulfur workshop decided to hold similar physical fitness tests every month to improve the physical quality and professional ability of employees in all aspects.

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