"Xinhai Ten Years of Steady and Far Away" Company Held Series of Activities to Welcome Factory and Celebrate March 8



Warm March, spring is getting stronger. On the occasion of the 111th March 8th Women's Day, which coincides with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the group company, on March 7, the group trade union held a singing competition with the theme of "Xinhai Ten Years of Steady and Far Away" in the conference center.



This speech and singing competition takes speech as the main line, interspersed with song singing, so that the activity is carried out in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. The contestants closely focus on the theme of "Xinhai Ten Years of Steady and Far-reaching", using simple language, sincere emotions, and both voice and emotion. The development and changes of Xinhai over the past ten years have fully demonstrated the spirit of Xinhai female workers who love their jobs, work, work, work hard, work hard, it shows the new era spirit of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-improvement and self-reliance of Xinhai female workers.










After more than an hour of fierce competition, Zhang Jie of the General Affairs Department won the first prize. Feng Yujuan of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department, Liu Yanyu, Liu Yanan and Liu Lei of the power workshop won the second prize. Liu Zhijun of the Production and Operation Department, Liu Cheng of the Heavy Asphalt Workshop, Zheng Le of the Finance Department, Zhang Mengdi of the Office and Xing Xiuli of the Second Hydrogenation Workshop won the third prize.








"The dearest person", "this is love", "on the top of the East Mountain", "sonorous rose", "tomorrow will be better", "Xinhai will always remember me" and other songs aroused strong resonance among the audience. We all wish the motherland a better tomorrow and the enterprise is booming.



Finally, Mr. Wang presented awards to the contestants and delivered a speech. He said that all female workers took this event as an opportunity to bravely shoulder heavy burdens, forge ahead, and strive to be women in the new era and sonorous roses who dare to pursue their dreams. In their respective positions, they will give full play to their ingenuity and build new achievements. Make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the group.

Women her strength sonorous roses bloom

The trade union of the group awarded ten female workers the honorary title of "Top Ten Models of Women's Achievement"



Warm Xinhai Love Infiltrates Female Worker's Heart

On the afternoon of March 7, the group trade union issued holiday gifts to female workers.


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