Xinhai Holding Group Organized a Symposium for Old Employees




On March 3, Xinhai Holding Group organized a symposium for old employees on the theme of "Xinhai Ten Years of Steady and Far-reaching" in the conference room on the fourth floor of the office building. Supervisory Chairman Wang Zhiquan, Deputy General Manager Sun Ruihong, branch leaders and representatives of old employees of various units attended the symposium. Supervisory Chairman Wang Zhiquan presided over the meeting.

The meeting was held in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. The old employees narrated Xinhai's touching struggle stories one by one, and also brought everyone's memory back to the era of struggle in the early days of the factory. Over the past ten years, Xinhai has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and the old employees have witnessed Xinhai's development track step by step.

Finally, Mr. Wang said that in the early days of starting a business, the old employees followed the enterprise to today, and the enterprise will not forget every Xinhai person. As the leader of the enterprise, the chairman of the board of directors has shown great foresight and made advanced decisions, leading everyone through ten years of brilliant entrepreneurship. In the next ten years, the chairman of the board has planned the road of intelligent and green development of the enterprise, turning the oil head into the tail, extending the industrial chain, integrating scarce resources, and transforming from refining and chemical industry to chemical industry.

Company leaders and representatives of the old staff group photo.

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