The leadership of the Investigation and Statistics Department of the State Emergency Management Department went to Xinhai Holding Group to investigate the work of safety in production.




On March 3, Zheng Shuangzhong, deputy director of the investigation and Statistics Department of the State Emergency Management Department, led a team of open and covert visits to Xinhai holding Group to investigate and inspect the work of production safety. Wu Zhixin, member of the Party committee and first-class inspector of Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department, Liu Qiang, vice mayor of Cangzhou City, Nie Jinchang, director of Cangzhou Emergency Management Bureau, and Liu Zhaozhong, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Cangzhou Bohai new area, accompanied the investigation and inspection. Liu Fulu, President of Xinhai Holding Group, and Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of Supervisors, received them.

The investigation team and its party first learned in detail about the construction of enterprise equipment and the development of safe production in the group's science and technology exhibition hall, visited the central control hall, and fully affirmed Xinhai's safe production management mode. then the investigation team and its party came to the intelligent center and highly praised the monitoring center's big data system for carrying out information such as factory area, production, control, safety, monitoring, personnel positioning, etc. through intelligent means.

Mr. Liu said that the company will further unify its thinking, clarify its tasks, and go all out to make due contributions to maintaining the security and stability of the country's provinces and cities during the "two sessions.

Provincial, municipal and Bohai new area emergency management department responsible person accompanied the investigation and inspection.

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