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Friendly eyes




There are many stories of positive energy around me. I was deeply touched by such a small story recently. Many years ago, on a cold night in northern Virginia, an old man was waiting for a rider to take him across the river. His beard was covered with ice. The wait seemed endless, and his body grew numb and stiff in the cold north wind. The old man looked at several riders anxiously as they passed. The old man did not rise to attract his attention as the first rider walked. The horse ran away along the frozen road, its hooves evenly and rapidly. The second and third have gone like this.

When the last rider passed the place where the old man was sitting, the old man was already like a snowman. He looked into the rider's eyes and said with difficulty, "Sir, do you mind taking an old man across the river? I can't find my way." The rider grabbed the horse and replied, "Of course, come on up." Seeing that the old man's frozen body could no longer get up, he dismounted and supported the old man on the horse. The rider not only took the old man across the river, but also sent him to his destination. When they came to the warm hut, the rider asked curiously, "old man, you didn't ask the previous riders to take you when they passed by. however, when I passed by, you immediately asked me. I also felt very strange. why on earth is this? On such a cold winter night, why would you rather wait and ask for the last rider? What if I refuse you?" the old man looked the rider straight in the eye and said, "I think I have a certain understanding of people." I looked into their eyes and knew immediately that they did not care about my situation and that it was useless to ask them for help. But in your eyes, I see kindness.

When I read this, I deeply think about what the old man said about "friendliness". At the same time, I also deeply understand that eyes are the windows of the heart. Friendly eyes can resolve the embarrassment and predicament of strangers. The warm flame behind this eyes can also resolve the indifference and ice in the hearts of others, and at the same time let our mood bathe in a soft spring breeze every day.

(From Wang Yaning, Ministry of Law)

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