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Struggle is my poem and distance




I don't know when, the circle of friends on Weibo has gradually become popular. Life is not only about living in front of you, but also about poetry and distance. This is Gao Xiaosong's elegant feeling, but unexpectedly secretly poked into the hearts of many people, which is widely circulated and frequently appears in the signature column of countless people. It can be said that the author is unintentional and the listener is intentional. Is your life like a clock, doing the same track every day and repeating it? Does your heart yearn for the brilliance of other people's lights, always feel unwilling to live in front of you, dreaming of your own poems and distant places?

I am proud that I have the reason to fight for it and the motivation to fight for it, that is, I am from Xinhai. Hebei Xinhai Holding Group has always been at the forefront of industry development, improving fuel quality upgrades and creating new chemical projects. Actively participate in major national strategies and strive to achieve high-quality development, which has become a new function to promote the rapid development of the private economy in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. And Xinhai Holding Group won many honors such as the top 100 private enterprises in Hebei in 2020. I am proud to work in such a unit,

Although my education is not enough. But I use the rest of the time to study chemical books, for their second home to pay a small force. If I am not familiar with some work problems in the workshop, I will consult the old employees modestly. Although I am introverted, I am cautious in my work. I will unite with the people around me and strive hard to make our group better and better. I think as long as I identify the goal, choose the right direction and keep a good state of progress. Everything will be suddenly enlightened. Some people say that everyone should go far away and be fixed in one place, and they will lose their edge. Others say that life should always change a few more places and enter new people, but I feel that as long as you look for the direction and put down the burden, you will find your hometown. What you want is not how many directions, How many places have been, the place where the dream persists, is the hill that belongs to our struggle.

(From Liu Huaxin of Finished Product Workshop)

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