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Persistence and Dedication of Ordinary Posts




"The truth is hidden everywhere in the world", this sentence can be described as the true meaning of the world. I don't know if you have those eyes that are good at discovering beauty. Although it is a little good, a little makes a lot of money, it is a pure, sincere and helpful heart in the eyes of others. Then listen to it and take a look at the "true feelings of Xinhai" I found "!

People can't live without food, clothing, housing and travel. In the company, the canteen has become the most important place for us to obtain energy. Usually, there are three meals a day, three dishes and one soup for each meal. The employees leave after finishing the meal and think about how the food comes? How did the tableware get clean? How does the canteen hygiene become tidy? All this is due to the hard work of the restaurant staff day after day. Before we woke up in the morning, the kitchen of the canteen was already in full swing. After the meal, we put down the tableware and left free and easy, while the dishwashing staff were still washing our plates over and over again. In the evening, we went back to the dormitory to rest after dinner, but the canteen staff were still cleaning and preparing tomorrow's dishes. It is precisely because of their existence that we can eat delicious and warm meals after work, giving people a feeling of home, warm and kind.

In order to facilitate employees to commute to and from work, the company specially arranged shuttle buses to Huanghua, Cangzhou, Zoje, Nandagang, Heinberg and other places, so that employees can save time and effort and reach the company and home safely. Every shuttle bus driver, no matter which time period he is responsible for, completes the shuttle work on time and safely every day. During the whole driving process, the drivers and employees were absorbed in their work, did not chat, did not writhe, and did every job conscientiously and responsibly. What impressed me most was the morning when I was off the night shift. A worker was sitting on a small bench on the way. He also fell asleep just after the night shift. His head was leaning on the back of the chair. Due to the bumpy road, he woke up several times. At this time, the driver found out, but later I felt that the bump was obviously relieved, I think the driver wants the sleepy eldest brother to have a good sleep!

It is such an ordinary and ordinary post, but it emits great energy and deserves our respect.

They are ordinary and great!

(Hu Guotong, Hydrogen Production Workshop II)

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