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Superwomen, come on!




It's not scary for a woman to have a baby,

The terrible thing is, the figure can not be restored,

Afraid of having children, they are no longer girls;

I'm afraid my husband doesn't care if he doesn't ask, he's just the shopkeeper of cutting off his hands.

Busy work makes you hurry to have children,

When you have given birth, you will be told that "women still need financial independence".

A friend I know has been anxious since she was pregnant,

I'm always worried that when the baby is born, no one will help me with it,

I was also worried at the time that there was the same problem,

Afraid of losing his job, afraid of getting out of shape,

The biggest pressure is,

Without asking for help from their parents, without asking for help from their parents,

For couples, there must be one person left to take care of the children full-time.

In the past, when I went out, my bag only contained cosmetics,

Now, it's either diapers or bottles.

Some people will choose to be working mothers, of course, it is not easy,

996 to work, take baby 007,

There is a kind of job, 0 to 0 o'clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day,

It's called "Mother".

Work does not relax the standards just because you are a mother.

For ordinary office workers, getting off work is equivalent to taking a break,

For working mothers, leaving work is equivalent to night shift.

I want to be independent and I want to take care of my family,

Slowly force yourself to become Superman,

Some people say to take care of women more,

In fact, it is more important to have less doubt and more understanding,

Women are not weak, even stronger than imagined,

Superwomen, come on!

(From hydrocracking workshop Wang Jinfeng)

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