Xinhai Holding Group Held Middle and Senior Cadres Conference




At 2:30 p. m. on February 22, Xinhai Holding Group held the 2021 Middle and Senior Cadre Conference in the Multimedia Conference Room on the 6th Floor of the Marketing Center. Zhan Guohai, Chairman of Xinhai Holding Group, Liu Fulu, President, Zhang Zhanjing and Lu Liyong, Vice President, were seated on the rostrum, and Zhang Zhanjing, Vice President, presided over the meeting. Cadres from various departments and offices and above the assistant director of the workshop attended the meeting.

Chairman Zhan Guohai said that this is a warning, pressurization, and strengthening conference. It is also a conference of awakening, understanding, self-improvement, and self-reliance. Everyone must dare to analyze themselves, face it seriously, and correct in time to achieve stability and long-term development of the company. Climb steadily.

The chairman of the board around the enterprise safety production, put forward five requirements:

1, safe production to blade inward, really grasp the real change; Middle-level cadres should find their own problems, plug loopholes, dig deep into potential problems, dare to blade inward, scrape bones to cure poison, solve the bottleneck problems of key parts and key links, thoroughly rectify old problems, investigate new hidden dangers, improve management standards, clarify responsibilities, really find out problems, find out gaps, focus on the pattern of "great safety" and "great development", and constantly improve safety management standards, escort for safety.

2. Safety production should be punished more severely and dealt with at the top; as the backbone, the middle and high levels should broaden their horizons, broaden their horizons, integrate into the great development pattern of national security, integrate into the "intelligent" and "green development" of enterprises, and change their concepts. Use intelligence to promote the sound development of enterprises, use science and technology to improve quality and safety standards, save manpower, and at the same time, work hard on "green" development. Green represents vitality, we are accompanied by nature, to create a pattern full of vitality.

3. Safety in production should strengthen training and improve the quality of personnel; as the first responsible person of the unit, middle-level cadres should put the improvement of personnel quality in the first place while strengthening management. Cadres at all levels must improve their ability to predict and predict, and integrate safety training, skill training, professional training and safety production to form an interlocking situation and form a normal state.

4, safe production to implement the responsibility, implementation in place; As Xinhai people, we should be aware of the heavy burden of our work, to plan things, but also to do things, to actively participate in, make more suggestions, and create a positive energy atmosphere.

5, unity and cooperation, enterprises can be stable and far-reaching;

Safety production is not determined by a single department or individual, but is composed of many links. Details determine success or failure. Between departments, middle-level cadres, and employees, it is necessary to form a joint force, earnestly implement the decisions of the board of directors, and do a good job in safety Production work, work together to build an "intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprise" and make unremitting efforts.

President Liu Fulu reported on the recent safety in production, and then announced the appointment and removal of some senior leaders.

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