Xinhai Holding Group's 2020 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference Successfully Held




On February 3, Xinhai Holding Group held the 2020 work summary and commendation conference in the conference activity center. The conference summarized the 2020 work and arranged the 2021 work tasks. Zhan Guohai, Chairman of Xinhai Holding Group, Liu Fulu, President, Zhang Zhanjing, Lu Liyong, Vice President, Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of Supervisors, Teng Yongsheng, Chief Financial Officer, Hu Jingang, Deputy General Manager, Sun Ruihong, Xu Weijing and Xiao Ligang were seated on the rostrum. Vice President Zhang Zhanjing presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhan Guohai, chairman of Xinhai Holding Group, made 《Do not forget your initiative mind marches ahead with dreams and leads a new journey with high-quality development.important speech.

The chairman said that 2020 was an extraordinary year. Against the background of the six major ups and downs of the new coronavirus and international oil prices, the Group has achieved a bumper harvest of corporate and social benefits by stabilizing expectations, ensuring production, grasping safety, fine regulation, accurate judgment and strict control of domestic and international purchase and sale prices.

The chairman of the board of directors combined with the ten-year development of Xinhai, the current and future development of the enterprise.

Five ardent expectations: 1.Ten years after the dream to keep the beginning of the heart, meritorious service in not to give up;In the ten years of Huanghua Port expansion, we withstood the pressure, overcame the difficulties, won the opportunity, and realized the full start of the third phase of the 1. 2,. From 2016 to 2020, the development of these five years has given us the confidence to pursue our dreams and build Xinhai into the confidence to "synchronize the world, lead China, and build an intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprise.

2.Make every effort to build a "big security" pattern and adhere to green development;We should follow the concept of heaven and seek the road of development. The unity of man and nature, heaven can be understood as all things in the world, the law of nature, man has a sense of awe of heaven, man and heaven are born and corresponding, humanity corresponds to the way of heaven, which is in line with the road of development, "the unity of man and nature" embodies a kind of communication between things and ourselves, man and nature should be in harmony, contrary to nature, human relations and order, breaking and disrupting the situation will lead to failure.

3.Accelerate the transformation of ideas, strengthen the implementation of the implementation;"The Analects" "people do not believe that they can not be". "Integrity" is an important part of our corporate culture. For companies, they must maintain credit externally, establish a good reputation and image, and establish credibility internally.

4."Three Continues" to promote enterprise wind clean gas is;The wind is clear, the gas is positive, the gas is regular, the heart is together, the heart is together, everything is done.We must continue to promote the new style and righteousness, continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, continue to deepen supervision, and improve the long-term mechanismEscort for the healthy development of enterprises.

5.Set up the feelings of family and country, strengthen social responsibility;State-owned national style, family style, enterprise style, we have always been actively guiding everyone to be good, establish correct values, right and wrong. At present, we must strictly follow the requirements of the country and insist on prevention and control. During the Spring Festival, we must gather as little as possible, gather less meals, and strengthen our own protection. This is not only responsible for ourselves, enterprises, and the country.

Liu Fulu, President of Xinhai Holding Group, made a work report on "Ten Years of Brilliant Sailing and Sailing.

The president comprehensively reviewed the work in 2020 and arranged to deploy the key work in 2021: 1,change concepts and achieve new breakthroughs in development;Standard advanced enterprises, enhance the development pattern, based on the domestic market, seek domestic and international circular development, and achieve new breakthroughs in development. 2,Change thinking, take the initiative as security;Always put safety in the first place, always tighten the string of safe production. Safe production, to implement in place. 3,Change the way, the project construction quality to accelerate;Guided by "grasping projects and grasping implementation", new projects must be started, projects under construction, nodes, completed projects, and put into production. 4,Strong culture, boost green new development;Carry forward the enterprise culture of Xinhai, build the brand of Xinhai, establish the image of Xinhai enterprise, which is the foundation of our development. 5,Strong talent, enhance the core competitiveness;The construction of talent team will be placed in a more important position in the development of the company, and accelerate the construction of three talent teams. We will strive to create a good situation in which everyone strives to become a useful person, everyone can become a useful person, and everyone can give full play to their talents. 6,Strong party building, build high-quality team;The company insists on leading development with party building, focusing on "one center" and "two basic points", in-depth development of "righteousness and discipline" and "eliminating evil and promoting good" activities, strengthening discipline inspection and supervision responsibilities, and creating a clean atmosphere.

The president stressed that all Xinhai people should not only be full of confidence, but also be prepared for danger in times of peace. They should have a big strategy and a big pattern in mind, aim at the goal of "synchronizing the world, leading China, building intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises", adhere to the bottom line thinking, have the courage to take responsibility, and celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements! Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Xinhai factory!

Vice President Lu Liyong comprehensively reviewed the company's production and operation, safety and environmental protection, equipment management, project construction, corporate management, corporate culture construction, and news publicity. While affirming the achievements, he pointed out the shortcomings and deployed the key work in the second half of the year. 1. strengthen the implementation of the post responsibility system, all staff work together to ensure safe production; 2. optimize production operation to ensure stable and safe operation; 3. strengthen equipment management to ensure reliable operation. 4. strengthen the construction of grass-roots units and carry out a major inspection of the system of post responsibility. 5. carefully do a good job in 2021 plant overhaul, catalytic recombination expansion and transformation work. 6. strengthen project management to achieve the whole process through; 7. pay close attention to the quality management of project construction, complete VRDS project design and material ordering, and start construction. 8. encourage employees to play the spirit of ownership, cohesion, and actively offer advice.

Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, read out the 2020 Advanced Recognition Decision. This year's selection of 4 chairman special awards, 6 advanced units, 2 advanced epidemic prevention units, 19 advanced teams and groups, 10 outstanding cadres, 6 outstanding party members, 26 outstanding squad leaders, 93 advanced individuals, and 8 Advanced individuals in "Teacher and apprentice" activities, 3 safety pacesetters, 5 excellent progress awards for job transfer, 3 awards for respecting the elderly and caring for the young, and 11 advanced individuals in epidemic prevention were commended.

Deputy General Manager Hu Jingang made a report on the construction of the 2020 project. And from the project quality, construction unit management mode, design drawing quality, project construction progress and industry new technology and other aspects of the work in 2021.

Honorary representatives such as advanced collectives, outstanding management cadres, advanced representatives of "teachers and apprentices", and outstanding employees took the stage to speak.

2021 marks the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 10th anniversary of our expansion. In the past ten years, we have worked hard and worked hard; in the past ten years, we have worked tirelessly and forged ahead; in the past ten years, we have grown from small to large and stepped into the fast lane of development. All Xinhai people should continue to work hard and unite as one. Under the leadership of the group team headed by Chairman Zhan Guohai, they should strive to write a new chapter in the development of "synchronizing the world, leading China, and building an intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprise". They should make unremitting efforts to build a century-old Xinhai and make steady progress in the new development journey.

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