2020 Marriage Grant




Xinhai Holding Group Giving Marriage and Childbirth Subsidy Heart Employees Show Humanistic Care

January 5 was a small cold, the temperature dropped sharply, and the air flow doubled again. However, everyone still felt the deep love and blessing brought by the group. President Liu Fulu gave 9 pairs of double employees 10,000 yuan maternity subsidy and 4 pairs of double employees 10,000 yuan marriage subsidy in the conference room on the second floor of the group office building.
President Liu Fulu congratulated them and encouraged the two employees to help each other in their work, respect and love each other in life, and strive to make new and greater contributions in their respective positions.
The dual employees also expressed their gratitude to the leaders for their care and love. In the future, we will take root in Xinhai, strive to learn business skills, continuously improve the technical level, and do our job with due diligence.

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