Liu Ziping, Chairman of Cangzhou Bank, and his delegation visited Hebei Xinhai Holding Group for investigation.



【Summary】Liu Ziping, Chairman of Cangzhou Bank, and his delegation visited Hebei Xinhai Holding Group for investigation.

November 25, Bank of CangzhouParty Secretary,Chairman Liu ZepingHe led Song Yonggang, Vice President of Cangzhou Bank, Hu Yanming, President of Bohai New District Sub-branch of Cangzhou Bank, Pi Jianzhong, President of Huanghua Sub-branch of Cangzhou Bank, and other leadersHebei Xinhai Holding Group Research and Investigation.

Chairman Liu and his party in Xinhai Holdings Chairman Zhan Guohai,Chief Financial Officer Teng Yongsheng, Deputy General Manager Xiao Ligang and other company leadersAccompanied by the company, he visited the science and technology exhibition hall, the intelligent center, the new sewage treatment center, the import and marketing automation card building,6 million tons/year atmospheric decompression and full-process gasoline and diesel production equipment.

In the science and technology exhibition hall, Chairman Liu and his entourage had a cordial conversation with Chairman Zhan Guohai. Chairman Liu was very interested in Xinhai's safe production, stable operation, leapfrog and high-quality development, good situation, development potential and many years.PrivateTop 500Expresses its appreciation.

ArrivalIntelligent Center,EverybodyFeel the XinhaiIntelligent production, intelligent integration; saw the great changes of Xinhai to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligence; witnessed the application scenario of Xinhai's deep integration of information technology and industrialization.namelyBuildIt'sOne center, three platforms, twelve subsystems of intelligent operation system;Experiencethe intelligencemonitoring,EMS production data, SIS data, safety and environmental protection data, LIMS data, all-in-one card data, crude oil procurement data, comprehensive security, personnel positioning and other system dataandBig Data Analysis and Visualization after IntegrationofPresentation.

In sewage treatment centers, investmentThe process-based treatment system with a 0.3 billion-yuan daily treatment capacity of 20000 tons of sewage attracted the special attention of Chairman Liu and his entourage: a detailed understanding of the "homogenizing pool, biochemical pool,high density sedimentation tank,ozone catalytic oxidation tank,V-type filter,Monitoring pool"The working principle and processing efficiency of the unit. Seeing that the sewage "becomes" clean and transparent after treatment, it flows into the fish pond and can water the "ecological corridor" landscape plants, praising Xinhai's contribution and foresight to the cause of environmental protection.

During the conversation, Chairman Zhan spoke highly of the work attitude, professional level, financial services, professionalism, integrity and self-discipline of the cadres and employees of Cangzhou Bank. He also said that the development of Xinhai needs the support of Cangzhou Bank. The long-term cooperative relationship and friendly feelings have been deeply rooted. No matter how the financial situation changes, we are willing to cooperate with our long-term old friends forever.Complementary advantages,Seek common development and win-win together, and jointly make greater contributions to our economic and social development in Cangzhou.



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