Xinhai Blue under the scorching sun


【Summary】Summer three volts, 2020 device parking and repair began.

Summer three volts, 2020 device parking and repair began.
Faced with difficulties such as tight time, heavy tasks, multiple cross operations, tight maintenance time, and many unknown factors, the company went all out to work overtime, all to ensure the smooth completion of the maintenance project on schedule.
July is full of fire. In this hot summer day, there is a group of people who are not afraid of the high temperature and stick to their respective posts at the installation maintenance site as always. They work hard and pay silently. They use practical actions to interpret the enterprise spirit of "virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation". We use the camera to record their "hot" for the maintenance work ".
Walking into the frame of each floor of the device, the maintenance team members climbed the tower, disassembled and fastened it. At the height, on the platform and at the bottom of the tower, the sun was like fire, the busy figure, and the big sweat soaked the blue tooling on the back.
To clean up the scene, two young men in protective clothing climbed in and out of the tank to clean up the dirt. Sweat blurred their sight and penetrated their clothes. Oil and dust hung all over their cheeks. They were tired and panting, but they were still full of energy.
At a disassembly and assembly operation point, we saw a group of maintenance teams "fighting fiercely". They took turns to dance with wrenches to disassemble bolts. This was a labor of strength, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Often, the bolts did not move when one wrench went down, but we did not see the expression of discouraged on their faces.
At the maintenance site, there are many such "details", but each "detail" is a shining bright spot, which is engraved with a responsibility and contains a sincerity.
If you don't get close to the maintenance site, you can't realize the hard work of the maintenance team members under the extreme heat, but these have not affected their work enthusiasm at all. They use their own practical actions to compose a piece of Xinhai people "fighting the high temperature, fighting the intense heat, rushing the construction period, rushing for maintenance, ensuring safety, and making contributions" moving movement! Let's sincerely say to them, "Hard work!", Salute! Xin navy!

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