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Sulfur Workshop Library Opening Book Infiltration Xinhai


【Summary】In order to enrich the cultural knowledge of employees and improve their cultural literacy, the sulfur workshop library was opened on the morning of June 1, with books covering literature, history, safety, equipment, petrochemical and chemical specialties, etc.

In order to enrich the staff's cultural knowledge and improve their cultural literacy, on the morning of June 1, the library of the sulfur workshop was opened. the types of books covered literature, history, safety, equipment and petrochemical and chemical specialties. the workshop prepared study notes and bookmarks for each employee. when everyone walked into the library, they all calmed down, picked up a book gently, read it carefully, and recorded classic sentences and experiences on the book from time to time.
The sulfur workshop will use the sub-shift time to open for half an hour, so that employees can maintain a heart of learning and forge ahead in the company's skill competition environment, create a cultural atmosphere of reading progress and creation of innovation, stimulate the vitality of employees, cultivate Xinhai cultural concept, realize self-value in life under the development platform of Xinhai, and help the enterprise to create another brilliant future.

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