Based On Ethics, Both Ethics And Talents, Exert Their Talents, And Make The Best Of Their Talents.

Functional departments and offices carry out post skills competition to build a team of highly skilled talents.




In order to effectively improve the professional ability of functional departments and offices, according to the requirements of the group company's all-staff skill competition activities, recently, various functional departments and offices have successively carried out post skill competition activities within the department. The activities are conducted in the form of post business skill assessment and staff comprehensive quality assessment.
All functional departments and offices shall strictly implement the assessment rules, be fair and open, and ensure that the post skills competition of employees can achieve the expected purpose.
In the future, post skills competition activities will become normal, and all units should make full use of the opportunity of this post skills competition, strengthen the combination of learning and daily work, and improve the professional level and quality of all staff in an all-round and multi-level way.

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