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There is no end to learning



【Summary】Life is limited, while learning is endless. What kind of people we become depends on what we learn, and we try to learn something new every day. This day was not in vain.
Life is limited, while learning is endless. What kind of people we become depends on what we learn, and we try to learn something new every day. This day was not in vain.
The most unforgivable thing, according to Balk, is that one goes to bed at night and is as ignorant as one gets up in the morning. There is so much to learn, he used to say, and though we know nothing at birth, only fools always do. In order to prevent the children from falling into the trap of complacency, Barker wants his children to learn a new knowledge every day, communicate before meals, and speak out before eating. However, when his children introduce all kinds of knowledge, even if it is a trivial little knowledge, he does not feel trivial, but encourages the children to study hard. Once, in order to complete the task, his son Felice hurriedly found a new knowledge before dinner: the population of Nepal is....... There was a sudden silence at the table. Everyone thinks this knowledge is too trivial. But Balk said, "Well, son, mother, do you know the answer?" The wife's reply always lightened the serious atmosphere. She said, "Nepal? Not only do I know its population, I don't even know where it is in the world!" This answer was exactly what Balk wanted. So he said, "Bring the map and we'll tell your mother where Nepal is." In this way, the whole family forgot to eat and looked for Nepal on the map. Day after day, accumulated over time, the whole family learned a lot of knowledge at the dinner table, and everyone made progress together.
A person "may not necessarily be employed for life, but he must learn for life," Balk said." Only by continuous learning can we pursue and enjoy a better life. Yes, you have to study hard if you want to achieve something. There is no end to learning is an old saying, but it has strong practical significance. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, who can say that I have learned enough? But then again, it is essential to really learn a little knowledge, determination, confidence and perseverance. There is no courage, must not be afraid of difficulties, dare to challenge. Learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will retreat. Only those who persevere can hope to reach their destination. Of course, although a person is constantly learning, if he is only very rigid learning that is ineffective. Because dead learning is not equal to mastering knowledge, nor is it equal to having wisdom. "I feel shallow when I get it on paper, and I absolutely know that I have to do it myself." You also can not learn as a task to complete. If you are such a person, then you will only master some little knowledge. In fact, you just have to keep learning.
Learning is not equal to ability. Learning must be transformed into ability and quality to reflect its value. Just as a person eating food is not equal to enhance physical fitness, need to absorb to increase physical fitness. Only when learning is combined with practice to produce results can ability be reflected.
(From Liu Mengdi, Catalytic Joint Workshop)

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