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Power workshop staff training to consolidate professional knowledge




In order to better improve the operation skills and expand the working ideas, on the morning of April 14, the power workshop organized a DCS system training and study in the conference room on the second floor. Liu Wenxiang, assistant director of the instrument workshop, gave lectures, and all the staff of Class 3 of the power workshop participated in the training.
Liu Wenxiang focused on the application of DCS concept operation and the basic structure of DCS system. DCS is a distributed control system, also known as distributed control system. The role of DCS is to improve product quality, improve working conditions, save energy and reduce consumption, and improve production efficiency. Then explained the boiler interlock and the necessary knowledge in operation, through the PPT illustrated display, let everyone have a deeper understanding of DCS.
This learning opportunity is very rare. Every employee attentively listened to the class and took notes carefully. Through this training, everyone benefited a lot. It not only improves the level of knowledge business, but also develops ideas, improves the knowledge structure, and enhances the ability to strictly perform job responsibilities.

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