Hebei Xinhai Holding's Love in Sublimation Demonstrates the Style of a Big Enterprise and Asses to Aid Wuhan Medical Staff Families to Donate 100000 yuan


【Summary】Wuhan epidemic affects everyone's heart, in order to fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Huanghua City, Nandagang Industrial Park sent five medical staff to help Wuhan, Hebei Xinhai Holdings as a local enterprise in their hometown.

The Wuhan epidemic affects everyone's heart. In order to fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Huanghua City and Nandagang Industrial Park respectively sent five medical staff to help Wuhan. Hebei Xinhai Holdings, as a local enterprise in its hometown, actively undertakes social responsibility and demonstrates its responsibility. Chairman Zhan Guohai was deeply moved by their great love and dedication when he learned that the medical staff were desperate and rushed to the front line, sun Ruihong, deputy general manager, was immediately sent to visit and express condolences to the families of medical staff, together with Zhu Chunyan, secretary of the Huanghua Municipal CPC Committee, Mayor Song Zhongqiu, and Sun Shuran, member of the party committee and deputy director of the management committee of Nandagang Industrial Park, and sent 10000 yuan to each medical staff family.

The medical staff in Wuhan are the most beautiful "retrograde" who have made contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic, regardless of their personal safety ". Hebei Xinhai Holdings will also stand up with the people of the city, for the front line of the fight against the epidemic team members to relieve their worries, to do their strong backing! Help Wuhan, help China, win this epidemic prevention and control war!

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