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【Summary】At the beginning of 2020, we have started an unusual year.
(From Li Fei, Quality Measurement Supervision Center)
At the beginning of 2020, we have started an unusual year.
A sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus has made a peaceful life different. Factory operations were suspended and restaurants and shops were temporarily closed. As if overnight, time is slow, quiet and empty. We are faced with the move to close the city, we start the most home life, the longest vacation, every day to pay attention to the changing numbers of the epidemic, the heart is suffering. We are witnessing the support of a number of medical teams, but also for their own small and powerless.
The French writer Camus said in The Plague, "If there is anything in the world worth longing for forever and sometimes getting, it is the true love of the world." In this epidemic, we have seen too much warmth. All the doctors and nurses, the transportation front can't stop work, the research institutes work overtime to study the vaccine research workers, to the hospital to send food and drink to send mask service logistics buddies ...... Front and rear, all with their own strength and the epidemic stubborn struggle of people, gave us too much moved, and I, want to turn these moved into a character, warm you and me.
Hebei Xinhai's Responsibility
Hebei Xinhai Holding, where I work, has been my "home" for 9 years ". In the face of the epidemic, this "home" showed its courage and feelings, stood up; decisively closed the factory to ensure the safety of the company's employees; fully supported the local government, donated medical masks, donated money to local front-line personnel, donated money to the state, with practical actions to write its patriotic feelings. One heart for the country, love boundless.
The Guardian of 5 Nandagang Nurses to Their Peers
Southern Port. A beautiful small town, my hometown. A warm spring current, rushed to the Yellow Crane Tower. Not sightseeing, but going to the battlefield together. Five nurses from Nandagang rushed to the front line of the new coronavirus with the hope and blessing of the people in their hometown. On the front line, they fought against death and disease, and on this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, they performed countless wonderful things for every ordinary and guardian of their peers. It is not too much to "save the dead and heal the wounded" to them, and it is not too much to "be willing to give" to them. They-are the most beautiful retrograde.
In the face of the epidemic, the medical staff did not flinch, the people of Wuhan did not flinch, and the people of the whole country did not flinch. Take a look at the tall and straight bodies at the gate of the community; take a look at the staff on duty 24 hours a day at each intersection; take a look at the busy posture of the community personnel shuttling through each community; at that moment, the heart of awe welled up in my heart. Chinese, good job!
Every day, we are in a hurry. Although the masks cover our smiles, we can still talk to the security guards, express delivery brothers and service personnel in the community. The voice will be softer and say "thank you for your hard work" several times ". The stability of the house is good because there are too many medical staff carrying heavy loads for us and cherishing the existing time.
May everyone have light in their hearts and bright in their eyes. Living well every day has warmth.
May early spring come and spring be full of flowers and branches.
The mountains and rivers are safe and the world is safe.

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