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Epidemic prevention and control Xinhai in action-Hebei Xinhai Holdings Co., Ltd. love in sublimation to show the style of large enterprises.


【Summary】If one side is in trouble, all sides will support the society, and love will be boundless. In the face of the epidemic, donate money, give love.

If one side is in trouble, all sides will support the society, and love will be boundless. In the face of the epidemic, donations, donations, and love show the style of outstanding entrepreneurs in the new era and the backbone of building a harmonious society.On January 30, Hebei Xinhai Holdings donated 50000 yuan and 50000 medical masks to the staff fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Bohai New Area. On February 4, Xinhai donated 2.46 million yuan of donations from loving companies and cadres and employees through Cangzhou Red Cross Society. Recently, Xinhai donated 10000 yuan to every family of medical workers in Wuhan. Although it is not in the front line of medical treatment, it is the social responsibility and responsibility of Xinhai people to conscientiously organize safe production, spare no effort to ensure market supply, and spare no effort to support local epidemic prevention and control work.

From: Huanghua Newspaper Report


Tribute to the most beautiful"The retrograde"! City Leaders Visit and Condolence to Family Members of Medical Staff in Wuhan



News from our newspaper (reporter Hou Zhihui Wang Gan) To fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, HuanghuaFive medical staff rushed to Wuhan. Today, Zhu Chunyan, secretary of the municipal party committee, and Mayor Song Zhongqiu visited and expressed condolences to the families of medical staff who rushed to Wuhan, sent them the warmth and care of the party and government, and expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to those who fought on the front line of the epidemic.
Zhu Chunyan and his entourage came to the homes of Liu Funa of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang Tingting of Boai Hospital, Jia Jing of the Municipal People's Hospital, Zheng Xuecheng, and Yang Ye of Shennongju Hospital. They sent fruit baskets to their families and learned about the work and life of the family members of medical staff. Thank you for supporting your relatives to go to Wuhan for medical treatment.

"Can I use WeChat to contact you?" "Do you have any difficulties at home that need the help of the Party committee and government?" Everywhere you go, Zhu Chunyan and Song Zhongqiu have a cordial conversation with their family members, asking them in detail about their current living conditions, and understanding the work development of the medical staff in Wuhan.
Zhu Chunyan said that when the country needs it most, medical staff are desperate and charge ahead. This spirit of saving lives and helping the wounded and loving boundless is Huanghua's pride. They contribute to epidemic prevention and disease resistance and are the most beautifulThe "retrograde" is worth learning from the majority of medical workers and party members and cadres in the city. Song Zhongqiu said that the front-line medical workers give up their small family for everyone, which reflects the professionalism and responsibility of the majority of medical and health workers. He sincerely thanks the family members for their support and understanding. He also hopes that all family members will take good care of their bodies and be the most beautiful. The strong backing of the "retrograde.



Zhu Chunyan and Song Zhongqiu also urged the heads of relevant departments to take good care of the families of medical staff, solve the difficulties they encounter in work and life in a timely manner, and do a good job in service and security, so that the families can live at ease and the front-line soldiers have no worries.



Zhu Chunyan said that Huanghua is not only a city of heroes, but also a city full of love. Since the epidemic prevention and control work was carried out, enterprises represented by Xinhai Chemical have extended their hands and offered love, showing a strong sense of responsibility and social responsibility. Staff from all walks of life and on all fronts are selfless and stick to the front line, showing the positive energy of unity in the city. He said that the current is in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, at this stage, the whole city should adhere to the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production of two hands, two not wrong, to prevent the import and aggregation of the epidemic, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control of the people's war, the overall war, the war of resistance. 

Municipal Standing Committee, director of the municipal party committee office Xiao Baoqing condolences together.

The person in charge of Xinhai Chemical Enterprise participated in the condolences and donated to each family of medical workers in Wuhan.10000 yuan.


From: Nandagang Hospital Public Number

"Do not forget your initiative mind Show Care and Sympathy to Family Members to Send Warmth"

Sun Shuran, deputy director of the management committee, led the leadership team of Nandagang Hospital.

Condolences to support the family members of the Wuhan nursing team


Just after the Lantern Festival, Cangzhou Nandagang HospitalFive nurses embarked on a journey to Wuhan to fight the virus. They brought hope to the epidemic area, as well as the concerns of their families, all the staff of Nandagang Hospital and the people of Nandagang Industrial Park.



February 202013On the afternoon of the 15th, Sun Shuran, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Nandagang Industrial Park, led members of the leadership team of Nandagang Hospital to visit and support the families of Wuhan nursing team members. Sun Shuran, member of the party committee of Nandagang Industrial Park and deputy director of the management committee, on behalf of the management committee, paid tribute to the noble moral demeanor of the members of the Wuhan nursing team supported by Nandagang Hospital.I would like to express my high respect and gratitude to the family members of the team. Deputy Director Sun Shuran said: "Thank you for the support and understanding of the family members. The team members are the most outstanding and bravest medical workers. The family members should report their needs and difficulties in time. The party committee and management committee of the park are your most solid backing. Please rest assured!" At each household, the leaders of the park and members of the hospital's leadership team had a cordial conversation with their family members to learn more about their family conditions, health conditions and difficulties in life, and sent them life condolences and condolences. Nandagang entrepreneur Zhan Guohai sent relevant responsible comrades of Xinhai Group to send 10000 yuan of condolences to each family, reflecting an entrepreneur's sense of social responsibility and feelings.

Zhang Wei, President of Nandagang hospital, once told the family members about the working and living conditions of the medical team in Wuhan, so that the family members could feel at ease. He told the families"There are difficulties in life, the hospital to help solve, thank you, admire you, please take care of your health!"

Zhang Xintian's mother-in-law saw Director Sun excitedly and said:"The child was on night shift and called home and firmly said that he would go to Wuhan immediately. We respect the child's choice and fully support her. Xin Tian and I said that we are a party member family. At a critical moment, if the country needs it, we have to rush forward. I am old and can't help much. Leave the child to me and rest assured! Seeing a doctor's mother on TV put down her six-month-old child and went to support the front line, not to mention her grandson is four years old, we have no problem! Support the child wholeheartedly, let the child rest assured!" The old man's firm eyes and plain words are full of power. She is a retired teacher and an old party member. She has a high sense of social responsibility. She has set an example for her children and moved everyone around her.



Chi Yali's husband was introverted and repeatedly declined to learn that the park leaders were going to offer condolences. The leaders were even more determined not to accept the gifts and money they sent. He said"It is the wife's duty to go to Wuhan to support. It is the glorious choice of the angel in white. It should be done. I support her wholeheartedly and be her strongest backing! I don't want this ten thousand yuan, donate it, use it where it is more needed, and help more people in need." Chi Yali's husband is not good at talking, but he uses practical actions to interpret the love of a small family. His love and responsibility are admirable and touching.



Feng Fengling's old and frail mother-in-law said with tears in her eyes:"The child's father works in the oil field, because the epidemic can't return home, Fengling works in the hospital, works overtime, works hard, and the young couple have too little time to reunite. Usually, I take care of their two children alone. That day, when I heard the news that Fengling was going to Wuhan, I felt very sudden. I couldn't believe it for a moment. After calming down, even though I was extremely reluctant to give up, I knew that I had to support the children's work and their choices." The old man's love and pay for his children, no regrets.



A word of thanks, an understanding and a word of support are the dedication and waiting of the family members. The family members said that they would take good care of the family and be their strong backing.

In order to enable the comrades who are fighting on the front line to fight the epidemic with all their strength, Nandagang Hospital has set up a special family logistics support team. The hospital leaders provide one-on-one service and do their best to take good care of the small families of the front-line white soldiers so that they have no worries.

The epidemic is held together, and the wind and rain are in the same boat. The care, condolences and help of leaders and comrades, and the encouragement, understanding and support of their families have relieved the worries of the team members who are fighting the epidemic, and made them more determined to overcome all difficulties and repel the disease with strong faith and courage! Help Wuhan, help China, win this epidemic prevention and control war!




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