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Pay tribute to the most beautiful retrograde walker in Xinhai! The front line of epidemic prevention, we pass together!


Time: 2020-02-13

【Summary】In 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia suddenly Opened a battle without smoke



Tribute to "the most beautiful retrograde"


In 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia suddenly

Opened a battle without smoke

In the face of the epidemic, every Xinhai person who sticks to the front line

They are the most beautiful retrograde.


Hold your ground and make selfless dedication


Pay silently and carry heavy burden bravely


Take the lead in fighting the epidemic

Ensure the normal operation of the production plant

Is their responsibility and mission

Hold the forward position  I'm the first   


Marketing center with high staff mobility

Security personnel 24 hours a day

Check every tank truck.

To take the temperature of each foreign personnel, disinfection

Behind the airtight isolation suit

It is the persistence and persistence of every prevention and control soldier.

They are our gatekeepers"

Leave safety to everyone.

Keep the danger to yourself.




Highlight the spirit of Xinhai I smile

Under the dense mask of Yan silk

Still the warm smile of the spring breeze

Seriously communicate with every customer.

Listen to every customer needs

They use first-class Xinhai service

To fight the epidemic

Expressing a different kind of youth style



To the party I wish

Although I am not a communist

But I'm willing to demand myself as a Communist.      

That's it.

A special party fee in a special party fee.

Become a shining glory

Let's remember their names



Dong Jibo



Dong Chuanzhao



I am responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the device.

Climb every tower.

Check every valve

Inspection on the road

I'm not falling behind

Device smooth

It is my greatest responsibility and mission.





Xinhai people in front of the epidemic.

No retreat, no retreat

We stick to our posts

We fight the epidemic

We are willing to use their own power

Cheer for Wuhan

Cheer for China

With all of us working together

The hero of Wuhan can certainly pass

The great motherland will surely win the battle against the epidemic.








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