Hebei Xinhai Holdings 2020 Spring Festival Gala Held Successfully



【Summary】On the afternoon of January 16, Hebei Xinhai Holding Co., Ltd. staged the 2020 "Do not forget your initiative mind, Steady and Far Away" Spring Festival Gala in the conference center.

      On the afternoon of January 16, Hebei Xinhai Holding Co., Ltd. staged the 2020 "Do not forget your initiative mind, Steady and Far Away" Spring Festival Gala in the conference center. Huanghua Mayor Song Zhongqiu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Cheng Xiuzhen, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee Zhang Jihong, Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee Meng Hui, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government Zhang Xin and other government leaders, Hebei Xinhai Holdings Chairman Zhan Guohai, President Liu Fulu and other company leaders attended the party and gathered with more than 800 people from all walks of life, including friends, employee relatives, and employee representatives, and enjoyed a peaceful.

Mayor of HuanghuaSong ZhongqiuNew Year Message

Liu Fulu, president of Hebei Xinhai Holdings, delivered a welcome speech.

With the opening dance 《Shengshi Huazhang", Hebei Xinhai Holdings.2020The Spring Festival Gala officially kicked off.The warm and cheerful melody and passionate dance soon brought the audience to the peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

The party is divided into four sections,Focus on the essence of each art category, show "happiness, happiness, culture, forge ahead" Xinhai quality and enterprise charm.

First Edition BlockYouth flying, happiness Xinhai]]

Best husband and wife partner Gilly combinationBring the "wife biggest" "love oath".

Rock singer Black Ice sang "Good Brother" and other dynamic songs, which turned the audience.

The situational poem "chasing dreams and blue" brought by Xinhai employees tells the audience the past of Xinhai's youth struggle, shows the passionate and high-spirited working state of Xinhai people, and eulogizes the fighting spirit and determination of Xinhai people in Do not forget your initiative mind and steady and far-reaching.

Second sectionQuyuan Miscellaneous Altar, Happy Xinhai]]

South Korea Qing, Shan Shuo, Duan YongPerformance of "Old Beijing Wrestling",GiveThe unique charm of the national intangible cultural heritage of the audience.

"The Face of Sichuan Opera" performed by Wang Zhijun,Use the body of the opera and wonderful skills to change the face again and again, to the audience.BringSurprise again and again.

Famous crosstalk actors Ying Ning and Wang Lei of China Coal Mine Art TroupeTableA cross talk "dialect songs",It made the audience laugh.

China Acrobatic Troupe First Class ActorCao KaiThe performance of the "tap ball", bringA wonderful audio-visual feast.

Third sectionSpring color of pear garden, cultural Xinhai]]

Modern Peking Opera "Wise Tiger Mountain" performed by young masters of Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre"Selected paragraph 《Hit the tiger up the mountain ".It shows the charm of Chinese opera.

Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award Winner Wang YingwillSingingHebei Bangzi's original modern drama "Monument to the People's Heroes" expresses great feelings from a small perspective, interpreting the deep-seated philosophy of "the people create history, and history creates people's heroes.

Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award Winner Zhang HuifangBroughtModern Peking Opera "Azalea Mountain""Selected paragraph 《Home in Anyuan,Singing flavor alcohol strong,Have everyone's demeanor.

Du Xudong, a first-class actor of the Haizheng Art Troupe, sang together with Zhang Huifang and Blue Sky 《Shajiabang"Selected paragraph 《Zhidou".

Hao Shichao and others brought Hebei Bangzi "Zhong Kui", which promoted the national culture and brought a high level of visual appreciation.

Section 4in redCountry  Endeavourxinhai]]

SopranoSingerred,Baritone singer Sun LiSing "Do not forget your initiative mind" with deep feeling, songPraise the beautiful China to forge ahead.

Baritone singer Sun Li bringsofOur workPeopleThere is power "" rolling Yangtze River east of the water".

Famous tenor Wei JindongSinging."A Year to the Motherland" and "Red Star Shines Me to Fight"The power of warmth in the cheerful melody.

SopranoSingerredSinging"I Love You China", "Me and My Motherland",Enthusiasm, enthusiasm and heroic, expressed the Chinese people's sincere feelings for the motherland.

Famous tenor Yan WeiwenSing for everyone."Mother," "The Sky," and "Raise Your Glass,Friend", evoke the memory of the times, let a person intoxicated.

All Xinhai employees sang "I am from Xinhai" together, interacting on stage and off stage, expressing their pride and pride as Xinhai people.

A new era is calling and a new horn has been sounded. Xinhai welcomes the best time for development. I hope that the majority of employees will take this passion and honor, Do not forget your initiative mind, walk steadily and go far, and write a beautiful picture of Xinhai's quality and green development.








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