Hebei Xinhai Holding 2019 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference Successfully Held



【Summary】On January 16, Hebei Xinhai Holding Company held the 2019 work summary and commendation conference in the conference activity center. The conference summarized the 2019 work and arranged the 2020 work tasks.

January16On the same day, Hebei Xinhai Holdings held a 201 at the conference center.9The annual work summary and commendation conference summarized the 2019annual work and arranged for the deployment of 2020Annual tasks. General Assembly on 2019Advanced units, teams, individuals and outstanding party members emerged in,Security pacesetterCommendations were made. More than 700 representatives of group company leaders, branches and employees attended the meeting.

Zhan Guohai, Chairman of Xinhai Holdings, Liu Fulu, President, Wei Lidong, Vice President, Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors,Chief Financial Officer Teng Yongsheng,Xinhai Group Chief Engineer Hu Jingang, Deputy General Manager Feng Wenhui, Sun Ruihong, Huang Zhenqiang,Xu Weijing, Liu Yujun, Lou XueyingSit down on the rostrum. Chief Engineer Hu Jingang presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhan Guohai, chairman of Xinhai Holdings, made 《Do not forget your initiative mind Steady and Far AwayLay a solid foundation for building a century-old enterprise"Important speech.

The chairman said,2019 is the beginning of the second revolution of the group companyofYear,EnterpriseKeep up with the pace of petrochemical upgrading, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness, and achieved remarkable results.

Chairmanbased on the actual situation of enterprises,ProposedThree points of ardent expectation:1.The steady development of Do not forget your initiative mind is fundamental..For enterprises and individuals, it is necessary to "never forget the first heart and so as to achieve your goal",Grasp the law of development of things, with virtue, wisdom, diligence to lead enterprises and individuals to the right direction. production,Green environmental protection is the bottom line and cornerstone of enterprise development.It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of safety development, adhere to the bottom line, highlight the key points, comprehensively investigate and rectify potential safety hazards, and make every effort to create a new pattern of safety production management.3.Steady Travel,Lay a good foundation for building a century-old enterprise.For businesses,ForeverContinued steady development is the right way, is the society to shareholders, employeesResponsiblethe attitude,The ups and downs of a company's operations are not absolutely important,MoreThe important thing is that you can know what you are modest when you are in prosperity and what you are latent when you are in decline,In order to seek greater development of enterprises.

the chairman stressed,2020 isEnterpriseIn the tenth year of the expansion of Bohai New Area, it is even moreEnterpriseThe most critical year for the full implementation of quality upgrades and the creation of tens of millions of tons of "oil heads and tails,EnterpriseTo speed up automation,InformationandIntelligent construction, truly realize the clean extension, diversification and high-quality development of the group's products.

Liu Fulu, President of Xinhai Holdings, made 《Take the initiative as a way to stabilizePromote high-quality development of XinhaiThe work report.


President's Comprehensive Review 2019Years of work, arrangements for the deployment of 2020Annual key work:1,Comprehensively formulate strategic development plans, build strong enterprises, benchmark international petrochemical companies, deepen strategic partnerships, and maximize economic benefits. 2,To take safety production as the first priority, to build a green environmental protection enterprise, it is necessary to take high quality as the principle, safe and efficient, green environmental protection, and steadily promote project construction. 3,To improve management as the first driving force, to build a kinetic energy sufficient enterprises,Through reform and mechanism optimization, we should give full play to the intelligence and collective efforts of all kinds of professionals to promote the management level to a new level. 4,Take cultural construction as the first lead, build a culturally confident enterprise, and build a corporate culture with Xinhai characteristics,MakeCorporate culture has becomeXinhai Developmenta force.5,Take talent development as the first resource, build a sunny and dynamic enterprise, introduce talents, cultivate talents, endogenous talents, retain talents, and build Xinhai talent team to stimulate enterprise vitality. 6. Take the leadership of party building as the first guarantee, build a harmonious and stable enterprise, gradually integrate the party's advanced ideas into corporate values and corporate management, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.

the president stressed that,Currently,Xinhai is in a period of great development and rapid development. Everyone should shoulder the responsibility bravely, strive hard, cherish Xinhai as much as their own home, cherish Xinhai, be grateful to Xinhai, protect Xinhai, and add bricks and tiles to Xinhai's high-quality development.

Vice President Wei Lidong comprehensively reviewed the company's production and operation, safety and environmental protection, equipment management,Project construction,The work of enterprise management and team building, while affirming the achievements, pointed out the deficiencies and deployed the key work in the second half of the year.

He pointed out that the unitsToStrengthen the management of smooth production operation,Strengthening the Integrated Management of Production, Supply and Marketing Linkage,Strengthen cost control,Strengthen the management of safety responsibility system,Make every effort to ensure that key projects are completed and put into production on schedule,Carefully do a good job of equipment transportation,Implementation of grid management, improve the level of enterprise comprehensive management,Strengthen training to improve the quality of personnel,FullForceInitiateenterprise developmentnew situation.

Wang Zhiquan, Chairman of the Supervisors, read the 2019Annual advanced recognition decision. This year's selection of 9 advanced units, 11Outstanding cadres, 16an advanced team,24Excellent squad leader, 116advanced individuals,40"Division with apprentice" activities advanced individuals, 6 security pacesetters, 4The Best NewcomerAward,9Outstanding Party Members, 4Respect the Old and Love the Young AwardTo be commended.

advanced collective,outstanding cadres, respecting the old and loving the young,Honorary representatives such as "teachers and apprentices" advanced individuals took the stage to speak.

NewStarting point, new beginning。2020year,All Xinhai people should not forget their first heart, walk steadily and go far, take the initiative to attack the work style, vigorous and upward mental state,under the leadership of the group team headed by chairman zhan guohai,Strive to write a new chapter in the development of "synchronizing the world, leading China, building intelligent and green tourism petrochemical enterprises!

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