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【Summary】Yang Lan's daughter first attended a public primary school and then a secondary school at the Beijing International School. She once asked her daughter at the dinner table what was the difference between the two schools,

Yang Lan's daughter first attended a public primary school and then a secondary school at the Beijing International School. Once she asked her daughter at the dinner table what was the difference in the education methods of the two schools. The daughter thought for a moment and replied: "In local schools, teachers always tell us not to make mistakes; in international schools, teachers encourage us not to be afraid of making mistakes."

The psychological impact of this difference in education on children is obvious. Once when watching the reality show "the strongest brain" on TV, there was a scene: a 12-year-old Chinese boy competed with an Italian boy of the same age to see who could remember the order of the 102 bride and groom in the shortest time, and then reset it with a doll. The time used by Chinese children was slightly shorter. According to the rules of the competition, Italian boys reported their arrangement first. The result was completely correct. At the same time, the Chinese boy began to sob in a low voice and then burst into tears. The host asked the child why, and he shouted in chagrin: "I remember it right, but I made a mistake!" He was so sad that he almost collapsed in his seat. Under the encouragement of the parents and the guests on the scene, he plucked up the courage and reported his ranking with tears, but the result was-completely correct! Even because of the shorter time, he became the ultimate winner. At this time, the host found that the Italian boy was also crying and asked him with concern what was wrong. The Italian boy replied, "I see him crying so sad, and I feel very sad." It turns out that he cried because he sympathized with the Chinese boy! Both children show their true feelings, but as an audience, I can't help feeling that the pressure of Chinese children is too great to lose.

Michael Jordan, known as the greatest athlete in the history of "flying man" (not only basketball), has led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships and the United States to two Olympic championships. He himself has won the title of "most valuable player" in the regular season five times and "most valuable player" in the finals six times. His legendary experience, together with his tongue-spitting action when he dunked, was talked about by fans, who called him "the god in the number 23 shirt". His leap posture became the most successful personal sports brand, and after the acquisition of the Bobcats (now known as the Hornets), he became the first major shareholder of a professional player in history, and his annual income exceeded his income as a professional player. sum. But he said, "I 've missed at least 9000 pitches, I 've lost no less than 300 games, I 've missed 26 times when people expected me to put in a winning shot and I 've missed it. I 've had one failure after another in my life, and that's why I 've been able to succeed. I 've never been afraid of failure, and I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." He stretched out his hands and we could clearly see the deformed joint of his right hand. In order to fulfill his childhood dream, he left the NBA to play baseball halfway and was booed on the court. The embarrassing experience of being booed on the court made him know that he was not all-powerful, but he would not be upset about trying. The mental pain caused by his father's shooting was even more unforgettable to him, after that, he led the team to the NBA championship that season. After winning the championship, he was in pain on the floor of the lounge. There was also the confusion and struggle of being questioned and out of the Washington Wizards. ...... In the face of all this, his magic weapon was the words his parents taught him from childhood: "Everyone will encounter bad things. Your task is to find ways to turn bad things into good things."

Life is so rich, how can it be summed up by winning or losing? In addition to winners and losers, can't we be a player and experience the surprise and excitement of challenging ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams, in case we succeed?

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