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【Summary】2018 was an extraordinary year for me, during which I made my most important decision at the moment: I became a member of Xinhai Group.

2018 was an extraordinary year for me, during which I made my most important decision at the moment: I became a member of Xinhai Group.

A friend who is engaged in refined oil transportation said that Huanghua Port has a top 500 private petrochemical company that is developing at a high speed. I want to go out of state-owned enterprises to pursue higher personal ideals. I searched the Internet for the first time. Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group China's top 500 energy enterprises, China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, crude oil independent import rights and the right to use the enterprise..., a series of honor makes me to Xinhai heart.

Determined I drove hundreds of kilometers straight to Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group. At the interview site, the company leaders cordially met me and asked me about my basic situation in a detailed and professional manner. Then the company leaders led me to visit the company's modern office building, advanced production equipment, and first-class central control operation room. The company's plan for the next 5 to 10 years was explained in detail.

As a Shandong chemical person who has been engaged in the petrochemical industry for many years, with my many years of knowledge, rational understanding and accumulation of production experience in the chemical industry, such a large company, without advanced management and high-level technical staff, It is impossible to maintain such a rapid development. Therefore, I decided to join Xinhai. I would like to contribute my modest contribution to the high-speed aircraft carrier of Xinhai. At the same time, with the help of Xinhai's large platform, my life will set sail again.

On December 4, 2018, I officially joined Xinhai Group and became one of them. The meticulous and thoughtful care of the leaders at all levels of the company makes me feel like home. The clean and clean environment of the company makes people happy. The newly completed staff dormitory is clean and comfortable. The considerate words of the leaders make me feel like spring in this cold winter. Warm current.

At the construction site of the company's fifth phase of the new catalytic cracking unit, I saw the construction scene of the builders of Sinochem's sixth construction project in full swing, and I seemed to have returned to the year of surging blood. After entering the catalytic joint workshop, director xing gave me a detailed introduction to the construction of the catalytic joint workshop. he got to know director Wu, who has a rigorous style of work and meticulous work. he got to know director Zhao, who has excellent equipment expertise and skills. he heard director sun, who led the staff training and study in renqiu, and a gentle and promising young director yang. I get along with my colleagues in the catalytic joint workshop who are studying tirelessly. I am moved by their diligence and enthusiasm. Joining Xinhai, I believe my choice is right.

I came to Xinhai for more than March. I was deeply influenced by Xinhai culture. I was deeply moved by Xinhai people's yearning for a better life and the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism. Every morning at 7:40 in the morning, on the square in front of the modern office building, cadres and employees of all units wear standard tooling, and a uniform column quietly listens to Xinhai's morning broadcast. The morning song of "No ideal, why far away" inspires people to forge ahead. I have no regrets about joining Xinhai.

Most of the colleagues in the catalytic joint workshop are young people who have just come out of the ivory tower. Their theoretical knowledge is solid, and their thirsty attitude towards process equipment creates a good learning atmosphere. Through the communication between each other, I used my years of work experience to guide them to cross the threshold as soon as possible. I also try my best to answer the puzzles in their work with easy-to-understand words. To work, we need this group of energetic and indomitable young people. Getting along with this group of young men day and night has made me feel a lot. As long as I understand the meaning of work, I will naturally change my attitude towards work from the heart, so as to work harder and fall in love with work.

For us Xinhai people, Xinhai is not simply the foothold to support our families, but the fulcrum for us to strive for progress and realize the value of life. I remember a famous entrepreneur once said that "the lowest level of work is to work for money, followed by work to improve one's own value, and the noblest is to work for the cultivation of mind and soul". So, work can let us get success in life and happiness in life. As a Xinhai person, hard work is the most important and useful behavior to realize the value of life, and it is also the only way to improve oneself and increase personality charm.

Xinhai Group needs highly educated talents and excellent employees who are steadfast, diligent and hardworking. The age of hard work do not choose ease, but should be down-to-earth, hard-working. All the towering trees with luxuriant branches and leaves plunge their roots deep into the soil, and all of them experience spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind and rain, and weather. When you are on the road to success, all your efforts and sweat will become your most gorgeous glory at this moment.

In fact, there is no contradiction between reality and ideal. Navigation depends on the helmsman. The grand blueprint of Xinhai decision-making level needs us to realize together. Everyone in Xinhai wants to live a full life and have a bright future. Xinhai provides us with this platform. It is our common goal to develop with Xinhai Company.

Colleagues, let's start from now on, cherish our present work, have a good vision of our part, work hard for the company, for the family and for ourselves.

2019 the new year, under the guidance of the wise decision-making of the company's leaders, the catalyzer will work harder and add a lot of color to Xinhai's construction with a solid and effective work style and hard work attitude.

2019, catalytic refueling, Xinhai refueling.

(Catalytic Combined Unit Zhao Xinyong)

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