Honesty and dedication innovation

Salute Xinhai



【Summary】I'm from Xinhai, I 've been offering gifts for 18 years,

I'm from Xinhai, I 've been offering gifts for 18 years,

Through eighteen years of time and space,

Wind and rain along the way, every footprint, all shed hard sweat.

For eighteen years we 've had our frustrations, our frustrations,

In the past 18 years, we have been struggling, striving and singing,

Eighteen years of sharpening, eighteen years of accumulation,

Ren Nianhua wasted the years and let persistence condense into faith,

Deep feelings and sweat compose our passionate youth,

Composing the most beautiful and majestic movement in life.


In Xinhai, life has become what you like,

A brand-new device that has sprung up from the ground, a broad and vast learning platform,

Spacious and bright staff apartment, safe and comfortable luxury shuttle bus,

Four seasons picturesque enterprise scenery, warm and comfortable working environment,

Warm holiday greetings as before, equal and broad promotion space,

All of them merged into a beautiful landscape,

Let us feel proud to say-I am Xinhai people.


In Xinhai, it was a time of no regrets,

Not only the condensation of my life chance,

More is the sublimation of my persistent emotion.

virtue is our spiritual quality,

Honesty is the soul of our company,

Dedication is our working philosophy,

Innovation is our spiritual characteristic.

Looking back, feeling proud,

We have created countless miracles,

Ran out of the land refining industry at an alarming rate.

Looking to the future, the heart surging,

Hope and confidence grow in the heart,

The dream of a million-ton refining industry is about to come true.


Xinhai wants to live for me, and I dream for Xinhai.

With the piety of the pioneers,


Heart linked, hand in hand, walk hand in hand,

The bright spring light that ignites the pearl of the Bohai Sea,

Continue to write Xinhai career moving chapter.

Xinhai come on, you and I come on!


(Catalytic Workshop Kuang Ruijie)

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