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Memories of the Party



【Summary】The memory of the Party began with "My mother taught me a song that without the Communist Party there would be no New China;

The memory of the Party began with "My mother taught me a song that without the Communist Party there would be no New China;

The memory of the Party also exists with "Dong Cunrui, Huang Jiguang, and Zhang Ga, the soldier of Baiyangdian;

The memory of the party is still from league members to party members, from league dues to party dues......


When I was a child, the village secretary was the representative of the village authority. Who wants to buy a homestead and marry a daughter-in-law to build a house? He is in charge of the affairs of Li Jiaxuan, the eastern parent. He is the backbone of "evaluation.

When I was in high school, I had the right to vote. There were only a few candidates for the village chief and secretary, either party members or party activists. The standard that a secretary must be a party member has never changed in the village.

Later, when I arrived at the university, I watched my elder brothers and sisters participate in various school activities and social practices in order to join the party, and strive for various awards from the school... "Positive performance" is the form of joining the party, and various scholarships and certificates are the embodiment of strength. It is extremely enviable to become a full party member when you graduate.


In the war years, "fire like me" in order to win a battle; "don't take the masses a needle or a thread" in order to unite and defend our homeland.

After liberation, it is to eliminate old ideas and bad habits and establish new socialist values.

Reform and opening up, is to lead a billion people to become rich, to the world stage.

Now, it is to stand among the nations of the world, help the weak and help the poor, and establish correct international norms.


What is 'party?

Or what is a "party member?

In fact, I also don't understand.


All I know is that now we can eat whatever we want, and we never have to worry about the "starvation" of our parents when we were young ".

I also know that the expectation of "upstairs and downstairs" and "electric light phone" has long been made extremely simple by computers, mobile phones, WeChat, FaceBook, etc. that can be seen everywhere.

I also know that the land where we are, China, has become a respected and envied country in the world.


In China, for thousands of years, the largest number of ordinary people.

In the eyes of the common people, "a place to live" and "a place to eat" are the greatest satisfaction.

And all this we are enjoying.

And all this is given to us by the "Party.

(Wang Su, Wanqing Real Estate Office)

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