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People-oriented security for the day




Xinhai Group, the leader of petrochemical refining industry and the aircraft carrier of North China Refining, has always been at the forefront of the development of the industry. Thanks to the long-term development vision and wise leadership of the company's senior management, the company's determination and execution to create brilliance together, and the company's safety concept of "people-oriented, safety is the sky", which is the company's efforts to move forward Better and faster development escort.

Enterprises attach importance to safety, safety nurturing enterprises, as a hazardous chemicals industry, safety is the premise and foundation of all development. The occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents lies in a sense of responsibility. As an external operator, he should inspect with responsibility, establish a good working attitude, recognize the danger of potential safety hazards such as "running, emitting, dripping and leaking", find and deal with them in time, so that everyone can be in a safe working environment. The lessons of accidents are often painful. A small mistake may determine life and death, and one more responsibility, less slack, steadfast work, happy to return home.

Peace and security is our common wish. In the best years of our life, we are on the road of chasing our dreams. Without a safe working environment, everything will be impossible. There is only one life. Safety is the first priority. Xinhai is our common home. We should not only protect our small family but also take care of everyone. We should shoulder the responsibility and put the work into practice.

Hope the group bathed in the safe sunrise, sails in the safe boat.

(Zhang Fangxiong, Continuous Reorganization Workshop)

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