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Be the most beautiful yourself."



【Summary】Every time I inspect, I always habitually pass through the medium pressure furnace in the west of the workshop and detour from the small door behind the water treatment.

Every time I patrol, I always habitually pass through the medium pressure furnace on the west side of the workshop and bypass the water treatment from the small door. There lies a long yellow pipeline, winding and undulating, clearly like a wandering dragon, which is very eye-catching. It was a picture drawn by several sisters of water treatment during the overhaul. Every time my eyes touch here, there will be a strange feeling in my heart.

There are many female water treatment workers, but all of them have female demeanor. Don't think about how pungent the colorful topcoat is, don't think about how hard it is to clean the stains on the work clothes, don't think about how funny the stains dripping on the face, and don't think about how sweaty it is to stand on the high escalator and move your arms... Put on gloves and masks, and with a wave of brushes in your hands, these sisters entered the state in a voluminous workshop, their laughter echoed. Woe to say that women are not English, and every night on the wall of Longquan. They should be loving mothers, gentle and virtuous wives, and filial daughters-in-law of filial piety to their elders, but they have no complaints or worries at the moment, because they firmly believe that since they have chosen a distant place, they only care about hardships and hardships. Since the goal is the horizon, the world can only be left behind.

In the East, our women have been indoctrinated from a young age with various norms such as virtuous and virtuous. We all flaunt such virtues, attached to men and parasitic on the family, which leads more women to give up themselves and feel at ease in the name of love. Marriage and children are the only fate. This is a reality that can resonate. But I think women should belong to themselves first. She should walk in her own independent life world, cultivate her moral character, be introverted, and finally break the cocoon into a butterfly.

Self-reliance is the primary element of a woman's self-confidence. There is no independent source of income, no independent emotional world, women will always be men's clothes. And work, give a woman self-confidence, but also give a woman self-esteem.

Compared with the women who hide in their homes, we Xinhai women are happy. We have our own independent source of income, and we don't have to stretch out our hands to others humble in order to buy a piece of clothes. We have our own stable circle of friends, go shopping together, carnival together, travel together, discuss parenting experience, share experiences in doing things, and a group of women can do things well without relying on men. Away from the tedious housework of firewood, rice, oil and salt, away from the mother-in-law on the mahjong table, away from the parents in the neighborhood, we harvest our most precious spiritual wealth in our simple and ordinary jobs.

Joy and sadness, gains and losses and honor and disgrace in our work will enrich and enrich our spiritual world, relax our body and mind, and broaden our horizons. Xinhai this big stage, selfless dedication to her all. The spacious and atmospheric staff gymnasium and the clean and elegant swimming pool add a lot of fun to our leisure time. The annual Spring Festival performance and competitions on various themes give us a platform to show our talents. Xinhai News, which arrives as scheduled every month, broadens our vision and purifies our hearts. There are various safety trainings from time to time. The company's people-oriented concept is more thought-provoking. Such a colorful life is given to us by Xinhai, work and independent attitude towards life.

The real beauty of a woman is never vulgar external. As a woman, you have to think, sublimate and pursue a better self in your independent life world.

(Power-Hou Yanfang)

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