Honesty and dedication innovation

Stick to the line of blue warriors



【Summary】Looking at the blooded sun, I can't help feeling sad inside.

Looking at the blooded sun, I can't help feeling sad.

Listen to other people's heart, silently bear the work of tired and dirty.

Looking at the faces of Xinhai people, each is extremely passionate.

Look at the strong physique and wide palm, to ensure the normal equipment.

Tired body and wet clothes, complain to take to bury.

Dark night and cold autumn wind, we are still standing guard.

Sometimes pain and discomfort, don't think how to heal.

Everyone worked hard and persevered, in exchange for the glory of Xinhai.

Hard work and unity of strength, fighting spirit is high.

Joyful laughter and mutual humility, the atmosphere is fragrant.

Efforts to create miracles, hands cast brilliant.

Xinhai people with unyielding perseverance, to meet each round of rising sun!

(Power workshop Liu Yanan)

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