Honesty and dedication innovation

The Beautification Master of Xinhai



【Summary】You are actually very cute.

Scene one:

You are actually very cute.

Every Saturday's garbage truck, Lei can't move to take away all the domestic garbage in Xinhai for a week. You who take out the garbage, return to the stadium with a foul smell and can't wait to drink saliva. Every time for more than 2 hours, more than 100 trash cans, nearly 10 tons of domestic garbage, especially in the high temperature in summer, encountered piles of watermelon rind, after a week of brewing, emitting a magic smell, and you never complain about how dirty, How smelly, how tired. "This is work," you said, so you never hypocritical praise your ideological consciousness and personal quality, only truthfully present your serious and responsible, hard-working work attitude, so smelly you, in exchange for a clean and tidy Xinhai, you are really cute.


Scene two:

This sweat, what is it?

Xinhai, already green attractive. Since the beginning of summer, the sun and the high temperature have never been lazy. They go to work on time every day. Sometimes they work overtime to earn overtime pay. Occasionally they take a shift. The rain may be very unhappy because it has been suppressed for too long. Therefore, the greening work has never stopped and the high temperature weather has to be carefully served. A series of work cycles of laying turf, pulling grass, planting trees, repairing trees, and watering, Xinhai's flowers, plants, trees and leaves can spread and grow to its fullest. "What is this sweat." With the scorching sun and sweating like a pig, you said disdainfully, turning around and getting into the dense woods, but when a big tree died, I saw tears, anxiety and remorse. You are so hard-working, constantly watering with sweat, in exchange for the green Xinhai, you are really good.

(Zhang Jie, General Affairs Section)

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