Cangzhou Daily published an article: striving to be the "leader" in the private petrochemical industry -- Zhan Guohai, chairman of Hebei Xinhai Holdings Co., Ltd.



【Summary】First meeting Zhan Guohai, he is working with the company's management to study matters related to product sales. He just won the crown of "Cangzhou outstanding contribution private entrepreneur". He rushed back to the company's headquarters at the first time. In his words: "as the 'top leader' of chemical enterprises, I must take up the responsibility of safety production and other aspects, so that we can feel the backbone."

First meeting Zhan Guohai, he is working with the company's management to study matters related to product sales. He just won the crown of "Cangzhou outstanding contribution private entrepreneur". He rushed back to the company's headquarters at the first time. In his words: "as the 'top leader' of chemical enterprises, I must take up the responsibility of safety production and other aspects, so that we can feel the backbone."

As early as the 1980 s and 1990 s, Zhan Guohai joined the "business sea" early with the tide of entrepreneurship ". From transportation, trade, and then to the establishment of enterprises, more than 20 years of hard work has made him unique in the private petrochemical industry in the province, and the enterprise has also become a well-known petrochemical "aircraft carrier" in North China ". In the first half of this year alone, sales revenue was 9.8 billion yuan and taxes were 1.6 billion yuan.

Looking back on the entrepreneurial process, there are many difficulties and thorns. When asked about Zhan Guohai's secret of success, he said eight words: virtue, integrity, dedication and innovation. Extraordinary Perseverance and Persistence-"No matter how difficult it is for an enterprise to develop, it must bite the bullet"


In the 1990 s, Zhan Guohai also worked for a state-owned oil company in the Nandagang management area. With the tide of reform and opening up, he took the initiative to give up the "iron rice bowl" and "laid off" to start oil transportation.

The development of the petrochemical industry is at the right time, and Zhan Guohai's transportation team is also booming, accumulating a lot of wealth in just a few years. "The transportation team has always been a small fuss. After several years of transportation experience, I have seen the huge development prospects of the petrochemical industry in the future." Zhan Guohai told reporters that with his "keen sense of smell" in the petrochemical industry, he decided to use all the money accumulated in transportation for investment in the petrochemical industry.

In 2000, the asphalt factory built by Zhan Guohai and several other people officially opened to the public. I originally thought that the road to entrepreneurship would be smooth sailing. I never thought that in just two years, I not only lost all my original savings, but also "smashed" the 500000 yuan loan. "In the early days of the start-up, the company was facing bankruptcy. At that time, I really couldn't eat or sleep. Every time I thought about the operation of the company, my heart was always sad. But we must have a beginning and an end, and we must never give up lightly." The oncoming difficulties did not make Zhan Guohai lose his fighting spirit, but made him more and more brave.

On the one hand, Zhan Guohai has in-depth discussions with the company's decision-makers to find out the reasons for the company's difficulties; on the other hand, he actively connects with banks and investors and raises funds everywhere for reproduction. "Unclear product classification, inaccurate positioning, and inadequate control of market, quality and price are the main reasons for poor product sales." While "prescribing the right medicine" and adjusting the development direction and positioning of the enterprise, Zhan Guohai invited the person in charge of the bank to the production line of the company, let them see the company's investment scale and operating equipment face to face, and talk to them heart to heart about the company's development plan and market prospects. Finally, Zhan Guohai succeeded in "alms" in the bank.

After nearly 4 years of hard work, the enterprise is gradually full of vitality. In 2006, facing the good development trend of the enterprise, Zhan Guohai established Hebei Xinhai Chemical Co., Ltd. As the company became bigger and stronger, the supply of products was once in short supply, but the supply of raw materials became a constraint on the company's development. "No matter how difficult it is for an enterprise to develop, it has to bite the bullet. However, relying solely on the strength of private enterprises, it is always a weak force, and it is difficult for the company to 'stride', so it is necessary to seek cooperation with state-owned enterprises." Coinciding with PetroChina's choice of location layout in North China, Zhan Guohai seized this opportunity to acquire a state-retained enterprise with local refining qualification in Tangshan and took the lead in establishing a cooperative relationship with PetroChina. "A series of supporting measures such as good reserves, location, integrity culture, and safety guarantees have become the key to mutual benefit and win-win results." In this regard, Xinhai Company opened the precedent of "processing with materials", solving the problem of insufficient raw materials in one fell swoop, the production line can be "full", and the company has grown rapidly.

Forward vision and strategic thinking -- "we should take the road that others have not gone through, look at problems and seek development from the perspective of development"

In 2008, PetroChina's Inner Mongolia Refinery expanded its warehouse and must transfer its inventory before the Spring Festival. "The twenty-eighth lunar month of the lunar calendar is coming, and everyone wants to stay home with their wives and children. I organized more than 30 vehicles to Inner Mongolia by giving subsidies and engaging in incentives, and by the morning of the thirtieth lunar month, the oil was successfully transferred to the company's inventory, ensuring the normal operation of the Inner Mongolia refinery." Zhan Guohai said that others say I am stupid. This is a loss-making cry, but I am interested in the long-term, long-term cooperative relationship with PetroChina.

Coincidentally, 2008 was catching up with the price reduction in the raw oil market. It stands to reason that PetroChina should bear this part of the loss alone, but Zhan Guohai took the initiative to bear part of the loss, which deeply moved PetroChina and further deepened the cooperation between the two. "One thing is a loss, it is impossible to lose everything; if you suffer a temporary loss, you cannot suffer a loss all the time." Zhan Guohai has his own set of "business experience", "processing with materials" has losses and profits, and some enterprises only focus on the immediate interests, and give up this model, which ultimately restricts the development of enterprises.

Relying on a good development model and honest business philosophy, in the past few years, in addition to the closer cooperation with PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC have also taken the initiative to come to the door to seek cooperation with Xinhai. So far, Xinhai Company has achieved substantial cooperation with the three major oil "leaders.

In 2011, the company expanded its new plant. What followed was the "big deal" planned and implemented by Zhan Guohai-putting all the wealth accumulated over the years into construction, and successively built 2.5 million tons per year and 3.5 million tons per year atmospheric and vacuum distillation devices.

"We must take the road that others have not taken, look at problems and seek development from the perspective of development, so as to win the initiative of the market." Zhan Guohai said that ordinary private enterprises dare not do atmospheric and vacuum distillation devices of more than 2 million tons per year. I dare to start, not only thanks to the early cooperation with PetroChina, but also based on the long-term plan to build the "leader" of the enterprise device. At that stage, Xinhai Company planned and implemented the atmospheric and vacuum decompression device as a long-term issue that determined the survival and development of the enterprise.

In 2015, the state adjusted its crude oil use policy. With the built atmospheric and vacuum distillation units of 2.5 million tons per year and 3.5 million tons per year, Xinhai Company became the only "dual-power" enterprise in North China with the right to import crude oil and the right to import crude oil approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, with a crude oil processing capacity of 6 million tons per year. "We didn't dare to think about such an opportunity before. If we hadn't completed the construction first, the company would have never had the right to purchase goods on its own, which is equivalent to'waiting for rice to be potted' every day '." Zhan Guohai's long-term vision has opened the door to the development of enterprises, but also ushered in more development opportunities for enterprises.

Seeking innovation in change is the principle of enterprise development that Zhan Guohai has been adhering. As early as 2014, before the country stepped up its efforts to control air pollution, he keenly felt that environmental protection had gradually become a "weathervane" for enterprise development ". Relying on the advanced concept, the company has successively invested 2 billion yuan to purchase hydrocracking units and continuous reforming units, becoming the first local oil refining enterprise in North China to produce "national five" and "Beijing six" standard gasoline and diesel, and the sulfur content of the products has been reduced by dozens of times compared with before.

In November last year, Xinhai Company invested another 5 billion yuan to start the construction of a clean fuel quality upgrade project. It is expected that after it is put into operation in the first half of 2019, the company's oil quality will be improved to a new level.

The grand layout and courage to take responsibility -- "the growth of an entrepreneur is inseparable from the society, and he must be willing to contribute and serve the villagers"

Talking about the future development, Zhan Guohai outlined two main lines for reporters: to increase the production capacity of heavy asphalt plants; Do public welfare undertakings forever.

"Xinhai Company is located in the Bohai New Area. We have always taken talent development as the cornerstone and are committed to building a petrochemical industry development highland connecting Beijing-Tianjin and Xiongan New Area." Zhan Guohai told reporters that the company already has 27 employees with a master's degree or above, 16 deputy senior engineers or above, and has successively established cooperative relations with China University of Petroleum, Northeast University of Petroleum, and petroleum universities in the province to build a cooperation mechanism for industry, university and research. High-quality development provides strong scientific and technological support.

According to Zhan Guohai's development plan, the company will invest 16 billion yuan in the next five years to build a private refining and chemical enterprise. By then, not only will the company's deep processing capacity be greatly improved, but it will also be able to break the pattern of my country's ethylene supply in short supply and mainly relying on imports. At the same time, it will also allow more and more high-end talents to gather in Xinhai and inject new vitality into the development of the enterprise. "The growth of an entrepreneur is inseparable from the large group of society. While further making the enterprise bigger and stronger, it must also be willing to contribute and serve the folks." Through Zhan Guohai's few words, the reporter experienced a strong warmth.

As early as the 1990 s, Zhan Guohai has been enthusiastic about public welfare, often donating money and materials to poor students, and is famous for his enthusiasm in Shili Banxiang. With the development and growth of enterprises in recent years, helping the poor and donating funds to teaching assistants have become the norm. Donate money and materials for Huanghua and Nandagang schools and socially disadvantaged groups; invest in the construction of a new countryside and donate money for the construction of a beautiful village in Yangerzhuang Town, Huanghua City; build roads for the villagers of Maying in Nandagang, build new homes, villagers' activity centers and nursing homes, and build leisure towns......

A little bit of love has gathered into endless strength. Today, Zhan Guohai has donated more than 100 million yuan, and he has successively won honorary titles such as "Advanced Individual of Donation and Education", "Advanced Individual of Donation for Beautiful Rural Construction", and "Top Ten Moral Models. In his view: "There is no end to love. As long as you have the ability, you must follow this road of public welfare."

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