A variety of measures to ensure production to fight the epidemic




At present, the epidemic continues to repeat, the situation is grim, the epidemic prevention and control of the "war of resistance" once again. Xinhai Holding Group immediately initiated closure measures, held an emergency epidemic prevention and control meeting at the first time, established an epidemic prevention and control leading group, strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures, and comprehensively coordinated production safety and epidemic prevention and control work, so as to achieve both production and epidemic prevention.
Ensure safe production and do a good job of "external defense input". Cadres and employees of all units stick to the front line, strengthen inspection, find hidden dangers, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the device. Sales, finished products, storage and transportation, security and other key foreign-related departments in contact with foreign personnel, the whole protection, precise prevention and control.
Cooperate with nucleic acid detection to cut off the transmission chain. The company made overall arrangements, fully deployed, and cooperated with the Huanghua Municipal Government to complete five rounds of nucleic acid testing, so that they must be inspected, and no one is left (pulled).
Closed operation to ensure production, logistics support warm people's hearts. The chairman and president sympathize and care for employees, and distribute apples, bananas, oranges and beverages on the basis of ensuring employees' food, housing and entertainment. And send a love meal bag to the foreign driver master, so that the driver master can feel the warmth of Xinhai family.
On the road of anti-epidemic production, Xinhai people take into account the overall situation, retrograde, loyal to their duties, not afraid of hard work, continue to adhere to, for the company's safe and smooth operation of the device to contribute their own strength. Let's make persistent efforts, cut through all obstacles, and welcome the warm spring flowers together!

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