Xinhai Holding Group presented pennants and condolences to Huanghua East Toll Station to help the company ensure smooth oil transportation




On March 30, the chief executive, Zeng Qingxian, on behalf of the company, sent a banner and condolences to the Huanghua East toll station with the words "Bao Tong Bao Chang to resume work and production to do first", thanking the staff of the Huanghua East toll station during the epidemic control period, to protect the enterprise oil vehicles efficient and smooth, to help enterprises to resist the epidemic, production.
During the epidemic control period, Bohai New District implemented strict control over foreign vehicles. The company's oil vehicle personnel had to go through various links such as nucleic acid testing, vehicle disinfection, and pass handling. After Huanghua East Toll Station learned about this situation, it carefully organized arrangements and dispatched additional personnel to speed up the vehicle handling process, shorten the waiting time for customers, actively coordinate and evacuate the passage of vehicles, and ensure the high efficiency and speed of oil vehicles, the final hurdle for the safe passage of oil vehicles has been opened, which has effectively guaranteed the normal production and operation of the enterprise.

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